Try trico.lab good hair vitamins with essential nutrients and antioxidants for good hair health! A daily intake of naturopath approved trico.lab good hair vitamin capsules contain collagen and biotin, making trico.lab the best hair vitamins for hair loss, to nurture hair follicles and support healthy hair, skin and nails!

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Australian brand trico.lab believes that good hair starts from within. That's why they developed a range of herbal tea blends and vitamins for hair that nurture your body from the inside out to support long-term hair health. The way it works is simple. Trico Lab products have been formulated by a team of natural health experts using carefully-selected ingredients that contain the exact vitamins and minerals required to not only improve hair health, but to thicken hair and promote hair growth to give you the strongest, most lustrous mane imaginable. These same nutrients also work to give you clearer skin and healthier nails for an all-round beauty solution. Discover the best hair, skin and nail supplements from trico.lab today when you shop online or in-store at Hairhouse!

What are trico.lab Products?
Wondering how to get healthy hair? Trico.lab believe that to have healthy hair, you need to nurture the inside to see the results you want on the outside. It's a philosophy that makes sense. When you feed your body the right nutrients, it will reward you with a whole lot of health benefits, including clear skin, healthy nails and strong locks full of shine and vitality.

Trico.lab herbal tea blends and supplements have been crafted with the highest quality botanicals and vitamins that go straight to the source - your hair, scalp, skin and nails. Endorsed by hairdressers and hair professionals, their vitamins for hair health are one of the best hair growth supplements in Australia with many users raving about the wonderful results they have achieved with daily use.

From their hair growth supplements to their hair loss and detox teas, trico.lab products also contain no artificial colours, flavours, fillers or binders and are sugar-free, caffeine-free and gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy healthy hair and glow from the inside out!

Which are the Best Hair Supplements?
This wholesome hair brand is all about embracing your inner beauty with the belief that when you feel good, you look good, too. We have the best hair vitamins in Australia to help you build a hair rejuvenation routine with trico.lab. The best products for you will depend on your concern.

1. Hair growth - If you're wondering which vitamin is good for hair growth, the answer is Good Hair Vitamins. This holy-grail product contains 7 supercharged ingredients and vitamins to help hair growth, strengthen hair follicles and improve overall hair and scalp health. These include Collagen, Biotin, and Vitamin C. It can also help to reduce dry skin and dandruff while minimising breakage and improving skin and nail health.
2. Hair loss - If hair loss is the problem, the Hair Regenerate Organic Tea is an excellent hair loss supplement that seeks to reduce hair loss and shedding with a naturopath-approved tea blend designed to strengthen, thicken, and regenerate hair naturally. It's caffeine-free and can be consumed up to 3 times a day. You can even incorporate it into your shampoo and conditioner routine by massaging it into your scalp or using it as a rinse!
3. Hair detox - If your hair has lost its lustre, restore it with the Hair Detox Organic Tea. This tea blend works to detox your scalp and improve the elasticity of hair follicles for thicker-looking strands and less shedding caused by stress. A good cleansing shampoo and conditioner, like Davroe Deep Cleansing Shampoo or Goldwell Dualsenses Scalp Specialist Deep Cleansing Shampoo, will also help to remove build-up and debris for softer, more voluminous hair.

Does My Diet Affect My Hair?
Your nutrition has a direct impact on your hair and when you don't eat the right foods, your hair follicles are the first to show it. Poor nutrition typically reveals itself in dull hair that breaks easily or falls out more than usual.

The best vitamins for hair include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Biotin which is a B-complex vitamin. You can find these vitamins in foods such as oranges, blueberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, nuts and wholegrains. For those with busy lifestyles, supplements that contain these hair vitamins and minerals are a great way to boost your daily intake and help to support long-term hair health.

Some of the benefits of taking hair supplements may include:

• Faster hair growth
• Reduced hair loss
• Less impact from free radicals
• Increase in new hair follicles
• Less oxidative stress
• Stronger hair
• Shinier hair

How do Hair Vitamins Work?
Hair and nail vitamins help to increase your daily intake of the nutrients required to maintain strong and healthy hair, skin and nails. Good Hair Vitamins is a dietary supplement that's loaded with the kind of vitamins good for hair growth, preventing hair loss and promoting hair health.

Each capsule contains the recommended daily intake of 7 key vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair. These include Collagen, Biotin, Zinc, Silica, Selenium, Grape Seed and Vitamin C. As the body is unable to store these vitamins and minerals, you need to replenish them daily to maintain hair health. Good Hair Vitamins is a fast and easy way to do just that!

It has been clinically proven to strengthen hair by boosting the formation of Collagen, Elastin and Keratin, plus it can be paired with the organic loose leaf tea blends for even more supercharged results.

If you're ready to start taking vitamins for hair health, Hairhouse are an official stockist of Trico.lab and has the best vitamins for hair growth, hair loss, and hair vitality in Australia. Shop the range online today with free delivery over $50 or visit us in-store and let our friendly team assist you.