Our Piercing Services

Hairhouse Piercing services include: Ear, Facial, Basic Body, Dermal, Surface.

At Hairhouse, we use only the highest quality piercing techniques, providing safe, efficient, and convenient piercing options for all ages.

Hairhouse Professional Piercing

All piercing needs are unique, so at Hairhouse, we offer several piercing techniques. Your piercing professional will recommend the best technique for you. Our preferred techniques are needle and cartridge techniques. Needle technique is sterilized and single-use, this option is beneficial to reduce swelling and get an excellent fit for jewellery. When piercing with a needle or piercing blade, micro-organisms are not released into the atmosphere, making this a very sterile option – and the main choice of our piercing professionals. Cartridge Technique, designed for ear lobes only, is mainly for children or those who don’t like needles, a single-cartridge piercing gun is perfect. Hygienic, fast, and efficient, it completes the piercing process in a few pain-free seconds. Used within a highly sterile and regularly sterilized environment, this offers a safe and speedy piercing.

Professional Piercing Jewellery

Hairhouse carries the best range of professional piercing jewellery to suit every piercing type including Surgical Steel, Titanium and Implant Grade Titanium. Hairhouse recommends Implant Grade Titanium is hypoallergenic, highly polished, and nickel free, it is perfect for clients with allergies, swimmers, those choosing to wear their first piercing jewellery long-term, and clients who want to minimise swelling and irritation. Your piercing professional will explain what jewellery is best suited to your piercing needs.

Let us help you curate your next piercing.

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