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Natural hair treatments hydrate, strengthen and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair and soothe itchy scalps. Shop from our range of hair treatments enriched with natural ingredients like fatty acids and essential oils to fortify hair, restoring strength and shine.

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What are the best Curious Grace hair products?

Curious Grace is an exciting brand that makes getting salon looks at home fast, easy and fuss-free. Our selection of Curious Grace hairstyling tools includes versatile hair brushes suitable for all hair types, as well as ceramic and titanium hair straighteners. We also offer hot air brushes for easy styling, automatic hair curlers for perfect curls and ionic hair dryers that dry hair in no time.

Take a closer look at some of our favourite Curious Grace products:

  • Ionic hair dryers: Say goodbye to frizz and hello to faster drying with this professional-grade hair dryer that uses ionic technology. Negative ions break down water molecules within the hair for quicker drying at lower heat settings. This reduces dryness and frizz.
  • For customised drying, this powerful hairdryer boasts 3-heat and 2-speed settings. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel.

  • Ceramic and titanium hair straighteners: These hair straighteners are equipped with technology that ensures even heat distribution for less damage and more shine. Thanks to their high-quality plates, our straighteners glide effortlessly through hair. Enjoy features like quick heating and adjustable temperature settings for a long-lasting, frizz-free finish.
  • Hot air brushes: Skip the complicated styling routine and achieve salon-worthy results at home with our hot air brushes. These versatile hairstyling tools are designed to dry and style your hair simultaneously, making them perfect for creating volume, bouncy curls or sleek, straight styles—all with minimal effort.
  • Ionic technology and a ceramic-coated barrel minimises frizz and adds shine for a polished look. And with multiple heat settings and ergonomic designs, you can find the perfect settings for comfortable and effortless styling.

  • Automatic hair curlers: Effortless curls are just a button press away with Curious Grace automatic hair curlers from Hairhouse. These hair curlers feature a ceramic barrel that heats evenly, leaving you with shiny, frizz-free curls every time.
  • Control your style with adjustable temperature settings and choose between left or right curls for a customised look. Make styling effortless with a smart timer that prevents overheating. Plus, an automatic shut-off and a cool tip barrel let you style with confidence and avoid accidental burns.

  • Hair brushes: Tame tangles and create any style you want with our Curious Grace hair brush collection. Choose from ceramic round brushes, ball pin brushes, paddle brushes, boar bristle brushes and more in various sizes for detangling and styling.

Are titanium straighteners better for your hair?

Titanium hair straighteners might be a good fit for you. Titanium plates heat up almost immediately, styling the hair from the surface of the hair shaft to create smooth manes, curls or flicks in no time. Plus, with a quality titanium hair straightener, you need fewer passes to get hair looking silky straight and shiny.

The right straightener for you will depend on your hair type. Those with thick or coarse hair will benefit from a titanium hair straightener because it can straighten even the thickest hair in a few swipes.

Curious Grace Titanium Hair Straighteners are lightweight and powerful, and they can straighten hair in just one pass. They also use negative ion technology to add extra smoothness and shine to hair.

How to choose the best hair dryer for your hair type?

To find the best hair dryer for you, you’ll need to consider your hair type and styling goals.

If you have thick, curly or frizzy hair, an ionic hair dryer is essential. These dryers use negative ions to break up water molecules on the hair, preventing them from soaking in and causing frizz. They also dry hair much faster and leave hair looking polished and sleek. As they use less heat and airflow, they are safe to use on thin or damaged hair.

Our Curious Grace Ionic Hair Dryer boasts hair-smoothing ionic technology that works wonders on any hair type. It features a negative ion generator for faster drying, variable settings and a cool shot feature to set your style in place when finished.

Need more convincing? The Curious Grace Ionic Hair Dryer reviews are positive, with happy customers raving about its ability to dry hair quickly and create incredible volume and texture.

What are the benefits of ionic hair dryers?

An ionic dryer will transform your styling session and give you stunning results every time. Our Curious Grace Ionic Hair Dryer dries your hair quickly, preventing heat damage and delivering softer and shinier hair. They're also user-friendly and durable for everyday use.

What Curious Grace hair brush should I buy?

Whether you need a styling brush to master a voluminous blow wave or a detangling brush to smooth out wet hair, you can find a stunning selection of Curious Grace hair brushes at Hairhouse. There's a perfect brush for every hair type and need:

  • Best for styling: Ceramic brushes are heat-resistant and ideal for use with Curious Grace hair dryers. For voluminous, healthy-looking hair in less time, try the Ceramic Concave Tube Brush, which has a vented design for improved airflow and faster drying. The Boar Nylon Ceramic Round Brush is great for curly hair and helps reduce frizziness while sealing cuticles for a polished shine and bouncy blow wave.
  • Best for volume: Ceramic hot tube brushes diffuse heat from the hair dryer for faster blow drying, while large barrels lift hair at the roots for added volume. For extra voluminous styles, use a teasing brush to create a look with a lot of height and fullness.
  • Best for detangling: The Paddle Brush excels at detangling and smoothing out tangles. It’s also gentle enough to use on fine hair without causing breakage. For ultimate detangling, the Crystal Brush tackles tangles on any hair type, leaving it smooth and manageable.
  • Best for curly and wavy hair: For those with curly or wavy hair, the Ball Pin Bristle Brush is your new best friend. It helps dry, style and add lift and volume to your curls.
  • Best for hair extensions: Hair extensions need some TLC? Our loop brush has you covered. It features uniquely looped bristles that gently detangle and style natural or synthetic hair extensions while being heat-resistant and safe to use with hair dryers.

Where can I buy Curious Grace?

Explore the full range of stylist-approved Curious Grace products at Hairhouse, the exclusive stockist of Curious Grace. As a reliable Australian provider of hair essentials, we offer hair styling tools to help you create your dream look.

Shop online and enjoy convenient shipping Australia-wide, or use our store locator to find your nearest Hairhouse store in Melbourne, Penrith, Bondi Junction and other areas. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our phone number and let our friendly professionals help you choose the right product for your hair.