Wahl makes personal grooming a breeze with a range of innovative, high-quality clippers, trimmers, and beard care products. Favoured by barbers and stylists across the globe, Wahl is worth getting groomed for.

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All About Wahl

Wahl has been an industry leader in men’s grooming since 1919. For over a century, the range of professional men’s hair clippers, trimmers, and accessories has delivered innovative, modern grooming technologies to men across the globe. Simply put, Wahl has solidified clean, timeless grooming for guys worldwide.

How Do You Use Wahl Clippers?

Durability: Wahl hair clippers make professional, groomed looks easy to achieve at home or in the salon. Their vast range of Wahl Professional clippers are favoured by barbers worldwide thanks to the durable, heavy-duty motors that make regular use a breeze. The Wahl Home series is a reliable range that allows men to groom easily and quickly in the comfort of their own homes.

Reliability: Wahl hair clippers are perfect for cutting dense amounts of hair over a large area. They make cutting your hair at home quick, cost-effective and convenient, putting the power of great grooming into the hands of any man!

Simplicity: Most Wahl clippers come with a numbered comb attachment in various sizes. The lower the number, the closer the cut. Choose the comb that suits your desired hair length.

To try a simple crew cut, follow these steps:

1. Wash hair with our men’s shampoo and conditioner and keep damp.
2. Use a comb or brush to remove knots.
3. Take the clipper with your chosen attachment and start in front of the right ear, cutting back in sections 1,2, and 3. Don’t forget the nape!
4. Move the clipper straight up to blend section 3 with section 4.
5. Cut section 4 by holding the hair straight up and cutting using whichever technique you prefer.
6. Cut this top section from front to back.
7. Finish off by closely trimming your sideburns around the ears and neckline with our range of Wahl trimmers.

Expert Favourite:
Hairhouse stocks a great selection of Wahl men's hair styling essentials, including the Easy Cut Clipper, Designer Side Kick Trimmer, and a range of additional comb attachments in 10mm, 13mm, and 16mm to help you get the exact haircut you need.

Wahl also has an extensive range of beard grooming products to keep you looking clean and sharp, including our Lithium-Ion Beard and Stubble Trimmer and rechargeable trimmer kits with guide combs and precision blades for detail and accuracy.

How Do You Oil Wahl Clippers?
Oil the blades of your Wahl clipper blades regularly as part of an ongoing maintenance program to keep their excellent condition for any cut. If you don’t oil your hair clipper, the blades can become dull and blunt and make it harder to get the look you want, increasing the risk of cuts and nicks.

Use our Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil to get the job done. Specifically designed to work only with Wahl grooming clippers, this oil does not leave a gummy residue as some oils can. Wahl oil is expertly designed to keep blades sharp for optimal cutting performance and a longer lifespan.

To use this product, follow these steps:

1. Start by cleaning the blades. Unplug the clipper and hold it at a downward angle.
2. Carefully wipe off any excess hair using a cleaning brush.
3. Next, oil the blades. It’s best to do this before each time that you use your clipper.
4. Hold the unit so that the blades are facing downwards.
5. With the clipper running, squeeze out 2-3 drops of Wahl oil onto the top blade.
6. Wipe off any residual oil so that it doesn’t enter the motor compartment. This can eventually weaken the motor and lead to poor performance.

Are Wahl Razers Waterproof?
Yes! Wahl has several shavers that are rechargeable and waterproof. The Lifeproof Wahl shaver is a wet/dry shaver safe for use in the shower. It features a no-slip grip, flexible foil cutters, and a turning head to get a close, smooth shave no matter where you are.

Can You Sharpen Wahl Clippers?
Wahl clipper blades are expertly made, self-sharpening, high carbon steel blades that are tough, accurate, and precise. And they are clever too! When the clipper is on, the moving blades rub against the metal of the clipper and effectively sharpen themselves without you needing to do a thing!

Top Tip:
Keep blades sharp and in the best condition possible by oiling the blades before each use. Always clean blades using a hygienic spray to reduce contamination.

How Do You Care for Wahl Clippers and Hair Trimmers?
Whether you’ve got a Wahl beard trimmer, hair trimmer, or clipper, take the time to care for it properly. Keep your blades safe and sanitised by cleaning them before each use and removing all traces of excess hair to prevent clogging and bacteria from forming. Regular oiling will also keep your clippers and trimmers in top shape. Oil your Wahl trimmer using Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil once a day or after several uses. The clippers should be oiled each time you use them.

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