7 Simple Tips To Avoid Hair Damage During Heat Styling!

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7 Simple Tips To Avoid Hair Damage During Heat Styling!



1. Prioritise Heat Protectant: A heat protectant and heat protecting sprays are often an after-thought when heat styling hair, but it is the most crucial step to ensure hair remains soft, supple, and healthy for the long term. Nothing ruins a style more than split ends and frizz. A heat protectant acts as a soft coat over hair to prevent heat from penetrating the shaft and creating flyaways and dryness. Hair remains frizz-free and styles forever smooth! Invest in one to suit you - either spray texture or aerosol, depending on whether you apply it on damp or dry hair.

2. Don't Heat Wet Hair: A big mistake made after showering is immediately applying heat to dripping wet hair. This will prolong the heat drying process, create unnecessary heat damage and running a brush or comb through wet hair when heat styling is a sure-fire way to cause breakage and split ends. The best option is to gently wring hair out by twisting it into an absorbent towel to remove excess moisture without aggravating the hair shaft. Once complete, gently comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb, apply a heat protectant and start styling!

3. Cold Shots Are Cool: Shop a heat styler with a cool shot feature to fortify hair for the long haul. This humble button brings with it a brilliant ability to gently close the hair cuticle, sealing in shine and softness. Hair remains frizz-free, and any nurturing ingredients from shampoo, conditioners, or vitamin-infused heat protectants you have used are not lost. We love the Cloud Nine Airshot Dryer for incredible Cool Shot results.

4. Tailor Your Styling Tool With so many styling tool options available, it is easy to tailor-shop hot tools, curling irons, straighteners and hairdryers to suit your hair! For unruly, unmanageable texture and curls, ceramic plates are a great option when shopping for a straightening iron. The heat is evenly distributed across the plates, preventing overheating during the styling process. For a frizz-free style every time, turn your sights towards a titanium straightener as this actively reduces frizz as it straightens. Choose the right tool for your hair type, and you will never suffer from straw-like, heat-ravaged, over-styled hair! Shop the ghd gold® styler for the gentlest level of hair styling.

5. Empower Your Shower After you shampoo and condition your hair in the shower, rinse with cold water to seal the hair cuticle and lock in shine and nutrients. Remember, avoid drying hair vigorously with a towel, as this will open the hair shaft and create tangles. Instead, gently wring hair dry between your hands or with an absorbent towel.

6. Have A Day Off Heat Styling: Got nowhere to be? Then give your hair a break! When you can air dry hair naturally. Pop your hair in a messy bun or low, middle-part ponytail for a sleek look without the heat styling! Or run a leave-in treatment through lengths and twist hair to create beachy waves!

7. You Can Repair Damage To Hair! Forgot to apply your heat protectant? Or maybe you've been overzealous with manually drying your hair? All is not lost! There is a vast range of reparative products for heat damage. Got four minutes? K18 Leave-In mask can make a profound change in your hair texture in no time! Ideal for hair that has been over-heat styled or chemically treated, it contains patented bioactive peptides that get in deep to repair damaged keratin within the hair. Leave in for all day confidence and care!

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