The ghd Duet Style has *officially* landed & it’s worth the hype

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The ghd Duet Style has *officially* landed & it’s worth the hype

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ghd don’t miss. A revolutionary brand renowned for reinventing how we style, this epic new tool ticks off drying, styling and boosting serious shine—all with zero damage to hair. And here’s the big news: you use it on wet hair. 

If using a straightener lookalike tool on wet hair sends shivers down your spine (we’ve all heard *those* stories of girls frying their hair), then let me assure you. The Duet Style is a first-of-its-kind styler merging the abilities of your hair dryer and straightener to transform hair from wet to styled without compromising hair health.

The big brains at ghd have been working on this tool for 26 years, and as innovative leaders in styling and protecting hair integrity, I’d happily put my strands in their hands. Got your attention? So, let’s get you all caught up.

What is the Duet Style?

A two-in-one hot air styling tool combining the technology of a hair dryer and straightener to create a silky-smooth, glossy look from freshly-washed, towel-dried hair. (Yes, I’m obsessed.)

Essentially drying hair and straightening simultaneously, the Duet Style significantly reduces the time spent styling as you only need one tool to achieve your desired look. That means less time perfecting your hair in the morning and more time catching up on MAFs. 

How does it work?

Not one to cut back on technology, ghd have bought it with the Duet Style. 

Revolutionary Air-fusion™ Technology channels a precise and ultra-concentrated airflow through a bespoke drying chamber, working in synergy with four low-temperature styling plates to efficiently dry and straighten hair as you glide the tool through hair from root to tip.

The 20mm ultra-gloss plates surround the airflow chamber, maintaining an even, consistent heat without any hot spots. If you’re in wet-to-style mode (don’t worry: I’ll explain this later), the airflow is heated to 150°C, and the temperature of the plates remains at 125°C, allowing you to style without damage to fragile wet hair.

Once the hair passing through the air chamber is effectively dried, the expertly angled root drying vents redirect air to dry damp roots at a temperature of 90°C—the perfect temperature to style without blasting your scalp with heat.

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What is Shine Shot™ mode?

Ok, so I’ve briefly touched on wet-to-style, but what about the Shine Shot™ mode? 

Basically, the tool has two settings: wet-to-style and Shine Shot™ mode. To quickly compare them, wet-to-style is your drying and smoothing mode for damp, towel-dried hair, whereas the Shine Shot™ is an additional feature for infusing hair with shine and added smoothing for dry hair only.

After drying and styling, just hold the button labelled “Shine Shot”—the motor will shut off, and the plates will heat up to ghd’s optimum styling temperature, adding lustre and silky smoothness to hair. 

Like ghd’s Platinum+ straighteners, the Duet Style’s infinity sensors monitor the heat across both plates to maintain an optimum styling temperature of 185°C . The temp sweet spot delivers a long-lasting style without damaging hair.

What are the benefits?

Of course, you’ll achieve gorgeously sleek, silky-smooth and glossy hair, but the Duet Style is proven to give hair unprecedented softness for up to 48 hours*. And after using the Shine Shot™ mode, you’ll enjoy instant frizz-free results* with 2x more shine and 3.5x more hair alignment**. Yep, ghd have done the maths.

The Duet Style minimises damage caused by excessive heat or over-styling with multiple tools, maintaining a safe and consistent temperature in the airflow chamber and across the ultra-gloss plates. 

A perk I love? A bespoke acoustic system lowers sound levels during the wet-to-style mode, so it’s not as noisy as your basic hair dryer. 

Available in black or white, the ghd Duet Style will transform your get-ready routine.

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*consumer testing, 142 women, June 2021.

**vs naturally dried hair, dependent on consumer use.