6 reasons why our Marketing Executive loves her Dyson Airwrap™ Complete

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6 reasons why our Marketing Executive loves her Dyson Airwrap™ Complete

Mane investment.



Has the Dyson Airwrap™ been living on your For You Page? Ours too. That’s why our Marketing Executive Isabelle decided to make a mane investment and splash out on the Airwrap Complete Multi-styler. Yes, its price tag stings a little, but now the Airwrap’s found its place in Isabelle’s styling ritual—she’s a Dyson girl forever. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: how good can the Airwrap really be? It might be tricky to master at first, but it packs a real punch in the performance department with Dyson’s innovative Coanda technology and intelligent heat control (more on this in a bit). But what we love most is how it effortlessly transforms into whatever styling tool you need with its six attachments. Flyaways? Use the Coanda Smoothing Attachment. A bouncy blow wave? Meet the Round Volumising Brush. Smooth curls? The Airwrap Barrels are your go-to.

But our obsession with the Airwrap doesn’t end there. Here are the six reasons why Isabelle is obsessed with her Dyson Airwrap Complete.

1) Do-it-all Styling

The Airwrap Complete is a versatile tool that allows you to achieve a variety of hairstyles—we’re talking symmetrical curls, loose waves, blow waves and smooth styles. It comes with six unique attachments to create these styles, which include new-and-improved two-directional Airwrap Barrels (in 30mm and 40mm sizes), allowing you to style clockwise and anti-clockwise curls without switching barrels halfway through.

2) Less Heat Damage

One of the key benefits of the Airwrap is its enhanced Coanda airflow—an innovative technology that will curl, wave, smooth and dry hair without the need for extreme heat. Enhanced Coanda airflow works by releasing a powerful and precise airflow that “pulls” hair towards the attachments. Considering this clever technology uses a lower temperature than your traditional heat tools to style, you’re reducing the risk of heat damage (think split ends, breakage and frizz).

3) Simultaneous Drying & Styling 

The enhanced Coanda airflow lets you dry and style your hair simultaneously. Yes, you read that right—no need to use a hair dryer and then a curler or straightener when you’ve got the Airwrap. The multi-styler can be used on damp hair (around 80% dry) to style and smooth. Again, this reduces heat damage because you’re using fewer tools but it’ll also speed up your styling routine. 

4) Intelligent Heat Control

The Airwrap utilises intelligent heat control technology to measure the airflow’s temperature over 40 times per second, regulating the heating element to keep the temperature under 150°C. This system helps to protect your hair from excessive heat exposure, reducing the risk of hair dilemmas like breakage, colour fading and split ends. You think of everything, Dyson!

5) Customised Styling

Dyson ensured that the Airwrap’s features and technology are effective on all hair types—from thin and sensitive hair to coarse and curly strands. Isabelle has thick, smooth hair and loves that the heat and airflow settings can be adjusted, allowing her to custom style with her hair type and texture in mind. She uses high airflow and heat to ensure that curls hold in her hair.

6) Enhanced Styling Control

Less damage. Less time. Less fuss. The enhanced Coanda airflow basically does all the hard work for you—a dream if you find styling with a traditional hair curler or straightener challenging. The concentrated airflow “picks up” and “pulls” sections of hair towards the attachments to effortlessly style. For example, if you’re using the Airwrap barrels, the Coanda airflow will direct hair around the barrel and keep it there for you. The result is consistent and controlled styling results with minimal effort from you. Yay!

Ready to take the plunge? We approve! If you have short to mid-length hair we'd recommend the Airwrap Complete Multi-Styler, and if you have long hair we'd lead you towards the Airwrap Complete Long Multi-Styler.