The Shower Series: Sarah Boulazeris


The Shower Series: Sarah Boulazeris

A moment with Sarah.


Introducing the superstar mum behind our 2022 Mother’s Day campaign.

A model, fitness mogul, and mother to Mila & Frankie—we caught up with Sarah off-camera to seek out lessons learnt, standout motherhood and beauty advice, and how her hair care has changed since becoming a mum.


Get to know Sarah Boulazeris

What’s your stand-out motherhood advice?

To enjoy every moment with your little one because they grow up too quickly—a piece of advice that friends, family, and even strangers in coffee shops have shared with me. I am very present with Frankie and Mila and embrace the beauty of being with them most days.

What have you learnt since becoming a mum?

Our girls teach me something new about myself every day. I’ve learnt patience to a whole new level, to find beauty in the little things, and that it’s impossible to wash and style your hair with two little ones awake.


Can you recount a special moment that you’ve shared with Frankie + Mila?

There are too many to count, but shooting the Mother's Day Campaign with the girls was very special. The beautiful photos we have to look back on when they’re older means that it’s a moment that will last a lifetime.

Has your hair care routine changed after becoming a mum?

I don’t have the time to style my hair as often. That’s why I book a monthly blow wave at the salon—it’s a little indulgence that I can read a book and enjoy some “me-time”.

What hair care advice will you pass on to Frankie + Mila?

To embrace those curls, girls!


What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day?

For me, it's all about the handmade cards—it really is the thought that counts and I have a stash of the girls' arts and crafts. I also love fresh tulips and things that sparkle (hint, hint).

What does your ideal Mother’s Day look like?

Easy. My perfect Mother’s Day would start with a coffee and croissant, followed by a morning walk with my family by the ocean. Dad will take over the morning shift so that I can read a book in peace, and then I’d finish off the day with a mani-pedi for the girls and me.