Which Hair Straightener Is Right for Your Hair Type? Our Salon Expert Simplifies Your Search.


Which Hair Straightener Is Right for Your Hair Type? Our Salon Expert Simplifies Your Search.



Salon Stylist, Hairhouse Highpoint


Welcome to the ultimate guide to simplify your Hair Straightener search. From curly to thick, wet to unruly, Usha, Salon Stylist, HAIRHOUSE Highpoint, finds the Hair Straightener to suit your hair type!

The Best Hair Straightener for: Naturally Straight Hair: 

Want your naturally straight hair to be even sleeker? There are some amazing Hair straighteners that take the straightening game to an entirely new level! For naturally straight hair, styling experts agree that you need a good all-rounder that can not only work with your hair type to straighten, but also add depth and volume when needed. “Look for a ceramic Hair Straightener that offers gentle heating on all hair types as straight hair may not need too much effort when styling,” says Usha. “A Hair Straightener that heats quickly will ensure you don’t waste much time with hair styling hair that is already free of kinks and curls.” 

Shop These Hair Straighteners: 


Halo X25 Shine Ceramic Hair Straightener deserves its best-selling Styler status. This straightener is a popular choice with Salon Stylists and everyday style lovers alike. With the ability to create smooth, kink-free texture on all hair types, this Hair Straightener features 25mm ceramic floating plates, and is ideal for short and long hair. And as straight hair can either be on the thick or thin side, no matter what hair type you have, this Hair Straightener makes straightening any hair density manageable. 


Curious Grace Ceramic Hair Straightener features Metal Ceramic Heater Technology which straightens strands in one pass. Lightweight and ideal for hair types that have a natural kink or wave, this amazing Hair Straightener includes premium-grade 25mm ceramic plates to reduce damage and optimise shine. We love this Styler for its easy-to-use appeal making Curious Grace a proud brand founded in Australia that Salon Stylists swear by. 

The Best Hair Straightener for: Thick, Long Hair: 

Before attempting to straighten thick hair regularly, ensure your hair-care routine is above par so that hair is always in great condition. This will result in better results when using a Heat Styler. Always consider that thick, long hair can take more time to straighten too, says Usha. “Choose a wide-plate Styling Tool to handle a larger volume of hair at any one time and dial down hair styling effort in the process.” 

Look for technology that offers even heat distribution to ensure hair is being smoothed synergistically.

Shop These Hair Straighteners: 


GHD Max Wide Hair Straightener is unsurpassed for straightening thick hair. Featuring 70% larger plates and harnessing two heat sensors for consistent heat distribution, it offers amazing results on thick – and long – hair.


HALO X42 Shine Ceramic Extra Wide Plate Straightener is a premium Styler featuring extra-wide ceramic floating plates. Combined with infrared technology – which creates internal heat that is kinder on the hair – this Hair Straightener heats thick hair gently without drag and damage. 

The Best Hair Straightener for: Curly Hair

Curly hair can be coarse in texture which is difficult to smooth without damage. “Always look for a Hair Straightener featuring infrared technology which creates special wavelengths to heat hair internally and evenly,” Usha advises. This reduces the impact of heat when using a Styler so that the condition of curly hair is never compromised. If you want to create or accentuate curls and reduce frizz simultaneously, look for a contoured nozzle design that is easy to use. 

Shop These Hair Straighteners:


Halo the Farrah Titanium Hair Straightener offers durability and speed. With advanced heat settings that reach 185°C in ten seconds, it is an ideal Styler for gliding through lengths, adding immediate shine to curly hair. Nano Titanium Technology harnesses heat conductivity evenly to distribute balanced temperature from root to tips without static and frizz, so curls are always glossy and free from damage.


Cloud Nine 2-in-1 Contouring Iron is loved by Salon Stylists as it offers a perfect combination of result-driven technology and versatile use. “This Hair Straightener features ceramic coated barrels which distribute heat evenly on curly hair,” explains Usha.  “The contoured shape of this Hair Straightener also makes defining curls on already curly hair super simple and the temperature control technology allows you to adjust the heat settings to suit.” As consistency can vary throughout curly hair, these heat settings ensure heat can be reduced on looser curls and amped up a bit in tighter curl areas, she adds. “No hot spots, zero uneven curls and improved ease of styling curly hair types.”

The Best Hair Straighteners for: Styling on The Go

Gotta get out the door and need a heat Styler that can work double time? Look for a super compact Hair Straightener that you can use with little effort. “There are some fabulous cordless options available with USB charging features so you can straighten on the go and get hair straightened without all the heavy lifting,” notes Usha.  

Shop These Hair Straighteners: 


GHD Unplugged has hit icon status for girls on the go! “This cordless Styler is a favourite for the gym bag or carry-on luggage,” she says. “We love this Hair Straightener as it features include a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with two-hour charge, lightweight design, and the ability to recharge in the car or laptop for last-minute glam on the go!” Usha explains.


Bondi Boost Airburst Styler is a lightweight Styler that features tiny air vents to reduce harsh heat and lock in style swiftly. This technology also helps protect the health of hair cuticles – even when you style in a rush, notes Usha. “With five heat settings and a 5-year warranty, this Styler is a fantastic investment for superior, speedy straightening.”

The Best Hair Straighteners for: Styling Wet Hair

Whatever your hair type, when your hair is wet you need to be incredibly careful as wet hair is prone to breakage when heated, cautions Usha. “When shopping for a Hair Straightener to style hair wet to dry, you need one that offers air-fusion technology and a moderate temperature to further reduce damage,” she suggests. If you do style wet hair often, ensure your hair care routine is packed with protective ingredients that fortify hair strength when under heated environments. 

Shop These Hair Straighteners: 


GHD Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler features air-fusion technology unique to GHD. With heat settings offering four smart low-temperature to dry and straighten hair at the same time with no heat damage, this iconic GHD Styling Tool has the awesome ability to transform hair from fresh out of theshower to going-out-glam. “With results that last up to 48 hours, this Hair Straightener also features a Shine Shot™ setting for extra shine in seconds,” says Usha.


L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 4.0 features ground-breaking steam technology – a continuous flow of dry steam - that draws moisture out of the hair swiftly and effectively. “The ceramic wide-plate design also reaches 0% closer to the roots so that the hair is completely dry from top to bottom,” Usha explains, “and the thinner, rounder design creates bouncier, more defined results.” With heat settings that offer a heating capacity up to 100°C, this Hair Straightener also comes with three steam-optimizing combs tailored to any hair type.

The Best Hair Straighteners for: Versatility

Everyone needs a great allrounder in their styling kit. “When you play between different styles, you need a Hair Straightener that acts as a multi-Styler at the push of a button,” Usha notes. “Look for a Hair Straightener that does more than meets the eye, allowing you to curl, kink, straighten and add volume as well as heating up fast and offering interchangeable plates for diversity on all hair types.” 

Shop These Hair Straighteners: 


Halo X2 Ceramic Interchangeable Hair Straightener

“When you want one straightener to create multiple styles, interchangeable plates are your friend,” says Usha. This clever feature of HALO X2 Straightener allows you to work between 25mm plates to straighten, curl and style loose waves or 42mm plates to straighten hair fast. “The ultimate in ‘all-in-one’ styling, the advanced ceramic floating plates also prove incredibly gentle touch on all hair types, gliding through each style without pulling or tugging.” The bonus Heat Resistant Glove is also extra security for the novice Styler!


Halo 8th Sense Titanium & Ceramic Hair Straightener 

Another fabulous option for styling anything from sleek, straight, frizz-free lengths to big curls, beachy waves and kinks, this next-generation HALO Straightener can also effortlessly navigate delicate or thick hair types. 

“Ceramic and Titanium Oxide combined with the HIT Technology heat this Styler up fast, ensuring consistent and uniform temperatures are achieved across the entire plate,” says Usha. “This is extra important for styling vulnerable, coloured hair types that may be prone to damage.”

Rapid heat up time, universal voltage, Heat Protective Cap and Clutch Protective Bag and ergonomic design ensure this straightener is also fantastic to travel, “making glam style achievable in any corner of the globe!”

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