6 Reasons Our Salon Stylists Are Obsessed with the Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush


6 Reasons Our Salon Stylists Are Obsessed with the Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush



Stylist, Hairhouse Pacific Fair


Want a side serve of health kick while your hair styling? Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush is the newest way to heat style without damage. Here’s 6 reasons our Salon Stylists love this revolutionary hair Styling Tool!

Can’t be bothered with a blow dry? No time to book a Salon blowout?
Well, your hair prayers have been answered with Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush! Causing major buzz in every corner of the beauty world, this incredible Styler works to smooth, detangle, fight frizz, and revolutionise easy hair styling on all hair types! Plus,
its gentle bristles are focused on your hair health, so that all hair types come out bouncy, shiny, and full of volume!

1 - Haircare While Heat Styling

Using infrared technology – a type of heat that comes from light - this clever Styling Tool works to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, heating from within. No matter what hair type you have, frizz is smoothed while condition within the hair cuticle is harnessed. This method is a stark difference to other Styling Tools - such as the traditional Hairdryer - which use hot air on the surface of the hair cuticle to dry, which causes physical damage, resulting in frizz, fly-aways and colour inconsistency. 

Clinical tests also show that the aloe-infused bristles add extra shine, reducing heat damage and frizzy bits and improving the condition of the hair cuticle. Tests showed that with 100 passes of the brush through any hair type, bristles stimulated hair condition with regular use. When the ionic infrared heat technology was tested versus air drying (through Hair
Dryers or other hair Styling Tools) no added heat damage was found to be caused by the brush either!

2 – Super Easy to Use

Let’s face it, as much as we all love a good blow dry, sometimes it can take more time -
and muscle - than you have. But what if you had a Straightening Brush that was lightweight, easy to use and could do all the work a Hair Dryer can do - but in half the time! Bondi Boost Infrared Brush does just that. It consistently gives sleek and bouncy hairstyles worthy of the catwalk, without you having to work with a heavy Hair Dryer. With fast infrared heat
settings that heat up between 120°C and 220°C, this easy-to-use Straightening Brush puts the speedy into your hairstyle.

3 - Brings The Bounce

This hot tool harnesses ionic technology which draws on the power of negative ions to lock in moisture into the hair. This allows the Bondi Boost Infrared Brush to work as a volumizing Hot Brush when looped through lengths without breaking the cuticle at the root or tip. So, rather than having to style with a Hair Dryer and a brush simultaneously, this one-step Styling Tool immediately smooths and volumizes hair, creating big glossy, bouncy waves, and curls with little effort.

4 – Hydrates All Hair Types

Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush is all about hair hydration, not heat damage. Infrared ionic
technology is designed to harness negative ions - which are the little molecules in the air that are charged with electricity - so it locks in moisture. The aloe-infused bristles add extra shine in just one step making it easy to keep hair healthy, even with regular use of this Blow Dry Brush. 

5 - Touch Ups in No Time

As the Bondi Boost Infrared Brush can only be used on dry hair, it brings those ‘Day Three’ blowouts back to life. Ideal for touch ups in between Salon visits, it has been clinically proven to increase volume by 67% and immediately reduce frizz by 35% after just one use. It’s also so easy to touch up curls at the ends of long hair, without having to use the Curling Iron. This Styling Brush is also so compact, it can be taken anywhere with you for last-minute glam. The 42mm barrel size and a five-year warranty makes it your new travel BFF! 

6 - Smooth Hair Styles Sorted: 

Bondi Boost Infrared Brush works on all hair types. In a few simple sweeps, the aloe-infused bristles go to work to detangle from root to tip. When hair is dry, you just sweep the brush through the hair as you would a traditional Hairbrush. Depending on whether you have thick hair or curly hair, you can adjust the heat settings and the time spent hair styling to suit you. If you want to fight frizz on already straight hair types, just heat, brush, and go!

How To Use:

  • Whichever style you choose, just section dry hair, and wrap the preferred section at
    the roots or the ends around the brush on a 45-degree angle. 
  • ⁠Hold for ten seconds before releasing.
  • Continue to style on all areas of the hair as desired.
  • Close the cuticle with the cool shot feature at the end of styling and set with your favourite hair styling product. 

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