Styling Tools Expert Hair Stylists Swear By


Styling Tools Expert Hair Stylists Swear By



Stylist, Hairhouse Pacific Fair


Our expert edit of Salon Stylists' favourite tools for every hair type will help you ID the only hair curler, hair dryer and hair straightener you’ll ever need.

The Styling Tools Experts Swear By: For Damaged Hair

Damaged hair types need extra TLC,” says Emma, Salon Stylist HAIRHOUSE Pacific Fair. “Unfortunately, heat styling from hair dryers, hair straighteners, and hair styling tools can deplete already damaged hair further, so it’s super important to ensure you choose a styler that is kind to – and caters for your hair type.”


Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush

“I always recommend this hair tool to my clients who have damaged hair as it contains incredible ionic infrared technology that works on creating heat through a light wavelength. Negative ions heat hair from within the hair cuticle rather than traditional heat other stylers use which can blast the cuticle and damage it further,” Emma says.

So how does this work? Negative ions work to break down positively charged water molecules in the hair rather than ‘opening’ the hair shaft to dry the hair which only makes the cuticle more vulnerable and fragile.

Not only does this styler fight frizz without frying your hair, but as Emma notes, it is an incredibly versatile hairbrush. “This best seller is trending right now and for good reason,” she says. “It definitely is my favourite multi-styler that can act as one part hair dryer, another part hair straightener and add curls as well as any curling wand, all while you comb your hair. It’s amazing!” she says.

Other benefits of the Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush include the aloe-infused bristles that bolster shine in all hair types, and also the styling tool’s heat setting ability to heat up to 120°C – 220°C rapidly for styling on the go. Only to be used on dry hair, it is also perfect for getting bouncy lengths or creating volume at the roots in between salon visits.


MUK Style Stick 230-IR Hair Straightener

When it comes to a gentle straightener for damaged hair types, you can’t go past MUK Style Stick 230-IR. Featuring revolutionary technology that promotes shine while you straighten, the infrared light strip generates heat deeply within the hair shaft, without damaging it further. “This is a favourite amongst hair stylists,” says Savannah, Salon Stylist, HAIRHOUSE Rockhampton. “It delivers every time, with beautiful, shine on straighter styles.”

Featuring an adjustable temperature from 90 – 230°C, and ceramic plates, Savannah notes that the Style Stick offers great versatility too. “This styling tool gives you control over short, long, thick, thin, coarse or smooth hair types – I love this styler for its ability to adapt and gently style whatever looks are trending.”

The Styling Tools Experts Swear By: For Coloured Hair

Hair colour deposits differently on various areas of the hair depending on your hair type and hair health. This can cause the hair cuticle to become prone to breakage. Combine this with regular use of hair styling tools and you really need to care for coloured hair with the correct hair styling tool, says Emma.


HALO X25 Ceramic Straightener

“This hair straightener is a best-seller for a reason!” Emma says. With 25mm ceramic plates, it easily glides through hair to remove frizz without any risk of dragging and snagging on areas that may be compromised through colouring,” she explains.

Thanks to ionic generator technology, negatively charged ions within this hair straightener infuse hair with shine while you style. “All hair types - including colour-treated hair - are gently heated from the inside, out which reduces external damage on the cuticle.”

Although hair care can bolster the health of colour-treated hair types, heat styling must be done gently with a hair straightener that caters for your colour care.

The adjustable heat setting temperature controls of 90°C – 230°C are also a bonus for regulating heat, says Emma. “This allows you to reduce the heat whenever you need which is so important based on how recently you had your hair coloured, how well you have cared for it since and what signs of damage it may be showing at any stage of your styling game.”


Cloud Nine Curling Wand

Curling coloured hair has never been easier or free of damage. “The Cloud Nine Curling Wand is all about empowering you with stronger, shinier hair – even if it has been compromised by colour,” says Ika, Salon Stylist, Erina Fair. Featuring Kinder Styling Technology and variable temperature control with heat settings ranging 100-200°C, this styler allows complete control when reducing heat damage on coloured hair.

“Mineral-infused Ceramic Plates help lock in further moisture where colour has taken it out and broader plates make this the perfect option for thicker, longer hair types,” she adds.

When using the Cloud Nine Curling Wand on coloured hair types, Ika suggests always curling gently as any tugging motions can create fragility over time. “The heat settings on this curling iron will ensure the job gets done, so avoid yanking or being too heavy-handed as this won’t smooth frizz or curl hair any faster, but it will speed up the damage!”

The Styling Tools Experts Swear By: For Thick Hair

Thick hair can be tricky to style as there is so much of it, says Ika. “You need a styler that is fast, efficient and ergonomically designed so that all the hard work is taken out of styling thick hair types,” she advises.


Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Wide Hair Straightener

Want fast-heating action and salon-worthy shine on hair that is super thick? The Silver Bullet is your go-to! “The technology within this hair straightener is superior!” says Emma. Featuring an accelerator chip that heats gradually to up to 230°C, this hair straightener cuts down styling time without sacrificing hair health. “The wide plate design also makes wrangling thick, curly, or long hair types super easy!” she adds. “This hair straightener covers more surface area with the perfect heat making it so easy to use every time. This hair straightener does all the hard work for you!”

Other benefits of this styler include the even distribution of heat so that damage on thick hair types is reduced and the floating plate design makes snagging a thing of the past. “The Silver Bullet Styler glides through hair without any pulling,” Emma assures.


HALO by Elchim Jennifer 3900 Ionic-Ceramic Hair Dryer

Luxe hair is here with the HALO Jennifer Hair Dryer - a brilliant styling tool founded in Australia. Experts are obsessing over the premium results this hair dryer delivers to even the thickest, unruliest hair types. “The technology is second to none,” says Savannah of the collaboration between Italian brand Elchim and HALO to create a hair dryer that cuts drying time by up to 30%.

“I just find with curly, thick and coarse hair, this hair dryer really gives the best results,” she says. “And even though it is super lightweight, it packs so much power so salon-glam and gloss is easy to achieve at home.”

The ionic-ceramic system and gradual heat settings allow the hair to be gently heated from the inside out, explains Savannah. “The exterior texture remains uncompromised and full of shine and heat distribution remains consistent.” Savannah also adds that the colour ranges of this super cute hair dryer are also a big plus. “There’s eight shades in total so it really is the coolest styling tool going around!”