Beautiful hair can change history.

At Hairhouse, we’ve proven just that.

For over 20 years, this 100% family-owned company has become a part of the Australian beauty culture, pioneering the first uniquely combined expert hair salon and retail experience.

Hairhouse began with two brothers and one big dream. From that day in 1992, when the doors of the first Hairhouse Warehouse opened, Hairhouse has successfully shaped and defined the possibilities that one fully-realised salon and retail destination offers.

Throughout decades and across generations, Hairhouse has seen you through every hair trend, countless pioneering product launches, and the most significant revolutionary advances in styling.

We are Australia’s largest employer of hairdressers, with a far-reaching geographical footprint and a growing range of premium products. And we still do it for one reason. For you, our customer.

Today, our drive to remain Australia’s pre-eminent destination for hair and beauty is getting stronger, our branding sharper, your hair, more beautiful.

The future of Hairhouse is here.