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Styling products like hair mousse prepare all hair types for blow drying, add texture to thin hair and help define curl in wavy hair. Applied to wet hair, volumizing mousse adds volume to fine hair and curly hair mousse reduces frizz. Coloured hair mousse is fun and hair mousse helps to sculpt and style!

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All About Mousse

Pump Up The Volume Using Mousse
There is something rather decadent about hair mousse. Perhaps it's the sound it makes when you squeeze that fluffy, white blob onto the palm on your hand - just like the sound of cream being squirted on top of your iced coffee.

Or maybe it's the luxurious feel - like a silky, satin cloud wafting on your fingertips - Regardless, we love mousse.

What is hair mousse used for?
Hair mousse gives our hair style, soft and subtle control, volume and body, and natural-looking definition. It's good stuff! Mousse breathes life into fine, limp hair, providing lightweight body and bounce.

A color mousse for hair is also used for easy, temporary color application.

Which hair mousse is the best?
No two heads of hair are the same. So when your bff says "this is the best hair mousse ever" and you're like, "meh" -  it's because the best hair mousse for her thick, unruly hair won't be the best hair mousse for your fine, limp hair.

Look for the mousse which targets your hair type, and if you're not exactly sure what that is, ask the experienced staff at Hairhouse Warehouse for their expert advice.

If your hair is thin and flat, you'll probably love the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam because it promotes extra body, shine, condition and provides flexible control to fine hair.

MUK Fat Muk Blowout Mousse also targets fine hair. This volumizer is enriched with proteins and provitamins to nurture the hair while providing hold for up to 48 hours, so if your thin hair tends to collapse after styling, this may be the best hair mousse for you.

Fine or medium hair may respond better to the Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse which provides a natural, flexible hold while building body. The addition of Argan oil creates silky, manageable hair.

To give your hair a fun, temporary color change, try a super-easy-to-apply color mousse for hair. We like the Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse. Apply color mousse for hair just as you would a normal mousse to washed and towel-dried hair, making sure you use gloves. Leave for 15-20 minutes then rinse it out. What a simple way to add color, condition, shine and vibrance!

Which mousse is best for curly hair?
If your natural hair leans more towards unruly than curly, the best hair mousse for you might be Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse. This curl-taming hair mousse controls and defines curls. It seals in moisture to prevent frizz and leaves hair soft and smooth.

How to apply mousse to dry hair?
While mousse is usually applied to damp, towel-dried hair prior to styling, you can also apply mousse like the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and the Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse to dry hair. Mousse will revive and refresh your dry hair the day after styling, helping to define curl, lift the roots and reduce frizz.

Distribute a small amount evenly through your hair, lifting towards the roots to create the oomph you need to prevent your hair from looking flat and lifeless.

The lightweight, airy formula of mousse makes it one of the easiest products to apply to dry hair - another reason we love mousse!

How to style hair with mousse
You can use mousse to add volume and hold to your style and as an easy method of creating a new style with temporary color. Use a color mousse for hair such as Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse for great results.

When styling to achieve maximum volume, work a palm-sized amount of mousse through your hair towards the roots, lifting your hair as you go. To increase and define curl or waves, tightly scrunch the mousse into your hair. You can then leave your hair to dry naturally, or style with a round brush to provided added lift at the roots, or upside down using a diffuser.

Hair mousse will provide non-sticky hold and lift, which is why it is well suited to fine, thin or limp hair. So, if you're feeling a little flat, try some luxurious, uplifting mousse today!