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All About Heated Brushes

What Is A Hot Air Brush?
A hot air brush is also referred to as a hair straightening brush, and this immediately tells you a bit more about its function. The hair straightening brush basically fulfils the same function as a flat iron, relaxing molecular bonds of the hair to get the hair straight. A combination of ceramic bristles and plates glides through the hair, creating that naturally straight look.

How To Use A Hot Air Brush?
While using a hair straightening brush is often simpler than using a flat iron, there are some tips and tricks to make the process easier and quite effective. So, let us get started!

First of all, hot brushes need some time to warm up before you use it. Naturally, heated brushes only become effective when they are warm enough. If you have thick hair and curly hair, and your hot air brush is not hot enough, you will find yourself going over the same piece of hair many times before it is actually straight. So, use those heat settings to their maximum potential and let the brush warm up first.

Secondly, some believe that a hot brush does not require sectioning. If you have quite fine hair, that might be the case. However, most will still have to section to ensure their hair stays in place for the rest of the day.

For the best result, always make sure you start using straightening brushes from the root to the tip of the hair. Do not go too fast either, otherwise your hair may lose some of its volume. Your hair should also be relatively dry before you start using a hot brush.

Once you are done with your hot air brush, make sure you leave your hair brush in a safe place. Like a hair straightener, it should be left on a heatproof mat and unplugged. Ideally, a hair straightening brush dryer or any other heated tool should not be left unattended until it has cooled down.

Do Hair Straightening Brushes Work?
When used correctly, hair straightening brushes can be extremely effective. Of course, like any hair straightening or hair curling tool, it does require some skill to use. So, take the time to familiarize yourself with your new hair styling tool and be sure to read the manual to maximise its potential.

Are Hair Straightening Brushes Less Damaging?
There is some evidence that hair straightening brushes are less damaging to the hair compared to flat irons. The reason for this is that a basic or even a rotating hot air brush does the job a little faster, this means less lengthy contact with extreme temperatures. After all, if a styling tool heats up to 450 degrees or another extreme temperature, contact with the hair should be at a minimum.

One of the problems with hot hair styling tools is that they can damage the hair cuticle. As a result, it changes the structure of the hair proteins, which in turn damages your hair and makes it brittle. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper tools as well as hair care products to avoid such types of damage.

There are many hair straightening tools that are made with your hair’s protection in mind. Choosing the best hair straightening brush may take some time, but there are always some trusted brands to go back to. For example, the GHD hair straightening brush or DIVA ceramic brush with swivel cord.

In addition to the right hair styling tools, you will also need the right hair care products. There are plenty of products that protect your hair against heat before you start styling. These are known as heat protectors. In addition to that, there are also products that can repair hair that has been damaged by using heat tools. A good brand for this is Olaplex, which is also available at Hairhouse.

Can You Use A Hair Straightening Brush On Wet Hair?
The answer to this question actually depends on the type of hot hair brush you are using. However, no hot air brush can be used on extremely wet hair, so you should always at least towel dry your hair no matter which hair brush you have.

In some cases, your hair must be completely dry before you use hot styling tools. For example, styling tools with ceramic plates can be too hot for wet hair. If you do use on wet hair, it could cause breakage.

The large majority of hot styling tools need to be used on dry hair. To avoid confusion, it is always best to read the instructions that come with your hot hair brush. Remember, not every brush has the same features. So, do not assume that a hot hair brush can be used on slightly damp hair unless mentioned by the manufacturer.