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Protect your hands with salon quality heat styling gloves perfect for wearing while straightening and curling hair. Heat proof gloves made from heat resistant materials are designed for using hair styling tools such as curling wands. Heat proof mats protect surfaces while heat gloves for hair styling look after your hands!

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All About Heat Mats & Gloves

What are the Best Heat Resistant Gloves?
Heat styling gloves are made with special heat proof materials and are designed to protect your hands while using hair styling tools, such as curling wands, hot rollers, heated brushes, and hair straighteners.

Hairhouse stock salon-quality heat proof gloves for use with all types of heat styling. The Silver Bullet Heat Resistant glove in timeless black lets you work with hot styling tools for longer amounts of time without the risk of burning your hands. It’s the ideal style companion to all of our major brands in electricals, including:


Do I need to Use a Heat Proof Mat?
Heat mats are a handy styling tool accessory that can help to protect surfaces and prevent curling wand burns and flat iron burns from ruining benchtops, tables, and more. Simply roll them out when you’re ready to start styling and use them to rest your hot styling tool in between uses. When you’re done, roll the heat-protecting mat around the tool once it cools down and safely store it away until next time.

You should use a heat mat if you’re worried about burning surfaces around the bathroom or home. They’re also great if you want a quick and easy way to travel with and store your tools.

Our gorgeous Mermade Clutch is a 3-in-1 must-have for every woman. It features padded neoprene fabric on the outside to protect your tools and a heat-resistant fabric on the mat for the ultimate surface protection. It comes with a buckle that converts the mat into a chic black clutch with a hot pink zipper so that you can take it anywhere and look amazing. It’s the perfect accessory to use with the iconic Mermade Waver and is custom-designed to fit its unique size and shape.

You can also keep it cool with the ghd Black Quilted Roll Mat. Effortlessly sleek and stylish with its matte quilted satin exterior, it uses heat-resistant lining on the inside to shield surfaces and securely store your equipment when you’re done. It can easily be fastened and is great for travelling with its compact size. This mat is the ideal size for the ghd range of hair irons available at Hairhouse.

When Should You Wear Heat Resistant Gloves?
You should slip on some heat gloves for hair styling whenever you plan on using heat styling tools to avoid the risk of burns. These can be blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling wands and tongs, hot rollers, and heated brushes. Follow these easy steps to style hair the safe way:

1. Start by applying a heat protection spray to dry locks to prevent them from becoming dry and heat damaged during styling
2. Roll out your heat mat onto a flat surface and let your chosen tool heat up on the mat
3. Put on your heat glove and proceed to style hair
4. Let the equipment cool, wrap it up in the mat, and store it away
5. Set your style with a good hairspray

Do I Need Gloves for a Curling Wand?
A professional heat-resistant glove can make curling your hair super easy and prevent sears and burns on your hands and fingertips. This is especially true if you’re using a curling wand that requires you to wrap your hair around the barrel, hold it in place, and release. If you have short hair, it can be harder to hold onto sections without scalding your fingertips. A heat glove will make it a lot easier and help you get the defined curl you want.

Hairhouse are leaders in high-quality hair styling essentials by the hottest brands right now. We have heat gloves and heat mats to fast-track your styling routine and safeguard your fingers, as well as a phenomenal range of electricals and hair care products to transform your look.

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