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Hair Diffusers are your new BFF!

Designed to reduce frizz when hair-drying curls, diffuser attachments come in various sizes to complement your favourite hair dryer.

Get smooth, frizz-free curls, waves, and bends - without the need for harsh, direct heat - at Hairhouse.

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All About Hair Diffusers

What Is A Hair Diffuser?
To explain the function of a hair diffuser, it is important to know the connection between the hair dryer and diffuser. In fact, a hair diffuser is a special attachment that can be used to reduce problems such as frizz. A hair diffuser attachment does this by basically dispersing air and subsequently leave the hair’s natural waves intact. A hair diffuser can often be called a hair diffuser dryer because of its specific function.

How To Use A Hair Diffuser?
First, you will need an appropriate hair dryer and a hair diffuser attachment. You can often get a universal hair diffuser attachment as well, which works on most common brands of hair dryer. However, some brands of blow dryer have their own unique attachments, so if you have a well-known branded hair dryer, make sure to check if there are dedicated attachments for it before buying a universal one.

Once you have added the diffuser on your hair dryer, place the diffuser near the roots of your hair with the hair dryer on. Leave the diffuser there long enough so the roots are dry. To dry hair at the roots properly, always use circular motions with the diffuser.

When the roots are dry, you can work your way down the length of your hair. Once again, use the circular motions to get the most from the diffuser and its ability to maintain natural waves. Heat protection is also advised since the curly hair diffuser or wave hair diffuser can release warm temperatures on the hair due to the blow dryer.

To get shiny, voluminous waves, it can be a good idea to use the right hair products. By using hair serum, hair primer, or texturiser, before blow-drying, the effect will be much better. Of course, you should also use some product after using your diffuser. Use some special pomade or a nourishing hairspray to reduce the chance of damage and hold your look in place for the rest of the day.

What Does A Hair Diffuser Do?
An Australian hair diffuser will blow air around a section of hair. Instead of pulling the hair down or causing frizz, it actually keeps the natural waves or curls that are in your hair. So, a hair diffuser is a brilliant choice for anyone who has natural curls or waves in their hair but often combats frizz. Use in conjunction with your favourite anti-frizz product for the best results!

How Does A Hair Diffuser Work?
As explained a little earlier, a hair diffuser works by circulating air around each section of hair. That being said, sectioning is often not required with a hair diffuser, as it is brilliant at keeping natural waves and curls in place once the hair is washed.

The effectiveness of a hair diffuser does depend on its overall design. While most hair diffusers have a universal design that does not differ from other brands, diffusers from specialised brands such as Parlux and Muk can look quite different from one another. Some designs are better for mild wavy hair, while others are more effective for thick, coarse, and tight curls.

Finding the best hair diffuser is often a case of matching up the attachment with your specific hair type. Of course, you also need to consider the compatibility of these specialist diffusers with certain hair dryers. This information can be found in the product description.

Where To Buy A Hair Diffuser?
Hairhouse stocks an amazing range of hair diffusers. The range includes specialist hair diffusers from brands such as Halo, Muk and Parlux. Naturally, these diffusers are compatible with hair dryers from the respective brand.

To get the most from your curls and waves, you can also count on Hairhouse for nourishing haircare products. These products include serums and special oils that can be applied before drying your hair with the diffuser. The range also includes hairsprays, pomades, and hair wax to keep a strong hold on the hair after it has been styled.

There are so many benefits to hair diffusers. While one of the main benefits is maintaining natural curls and waves without all the frizz, there is an additional benefit as well. Since hair diffusers circulate air around the hair section, they actually reduce drying time dramatically. If you like to minimize the use of heat tools as much as possible by reducing operating time, then a hair diffuser is perfect for that.

Discover the full range of hair diffusers from premium brands at Hairhouse online or in store today. With one of our diffusers, you can enjoy a naturally curly and wave look without having all the frizz to accompany it. And the best thing of all? These attachments are remarkably affordable and can save you loads on haircare treatments in the long run? So, there is absolutely no reason why you would not use a hair diffuser in your regular hair routine.