Ash Grey

Grey hair and ash grey hair are trendier than ever! There are even grey hair colours with hues such as silver, pink and blue, so the possibilities are endless. Embrace the silver ashy tones and discover our hair products for grey hair and ash grey hair colours, including purple shampoos and more!

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All About Ash Grey

How To Get Ash Grey Hair?
If you are looking to use grey hair and ash grey hair dyes, you must prepare your hair properly. Since grey hair and ash grey hair often requires lightening the hair, the colour you start with is important. Those who have ash blonde hair or lighter hair naturally will find it easier to achieve silver grey hair colours. If you have dark brown hair, some additional work will be needed.

To achieve any shade of silver hair, you will most likely have to bleach your hair. So, the darker your hair is, the more bleaches will be required. Bleach can be rather harsh on the hair though, so some may have to get their dyed grey hair in multiple steps over time.

Deep conditioning treatments can help keep your hair strong and repair the damage caused by bleaching. However, you should never bleach your hair again if it seems dry and brittle.

Before you apply a full head of grey hair dye, always make sure you have obtained the lightest shade of blonde possible. The lighter your hair is, the better your silver strands will look. Hair toners and toning shampoos and conditioners should be used over time to keep the ashy colour and eliminate yellow and brassy tones.

How Can I Make My Ash Hair Grey Without Bleaching It?
While most people have to bleach their hair to achieve the perfect shade of grey, there are some instances where you can skip the bleach altogether. If your natural hair is light, then you could dye it grey without the need for additional bleaching.

There are some additional natural methods to lighten your hair colour aside from using bleach; this includes honey hair mask and apple cider vinegar. Since these are home treatments, they should always be used carefully.

Please note, if you have darker hair or coloured hair, bleaching will most likely be required for the perfect grey hair colour.

How Do You Maintain Grey Hair?
Ensuring you use the right treatment for grey hair is important. After all, not using the right treatment can cause your grey look to become lacklustre and dull.

First of all, a good shampoo for grey hair is a must. Most people will use a purple shampoo in addition to grey hair shampoo, this to remove any yellow and brassy tones from grey hair colour. Depending on the shade of grey you have, a blue shampoo could be the better option. There are also colour depositing shampoos that will revitalise your grey locks when needed. Having a combination of these different shampoos will keep all grey hairstyles in check.

While most people will find colour depositing shampoos enough to maintain the cool tone of their grey hair, some people may have to use a grey hair toner treatment to keep their locks maintained.

How To Dye Grey Hair From Dark Brown?
If you are coming from a dark brown hair colour, you will most likely have to bleach your hair first. As mentioned earlier, darker brown hair may need more effort than lighter hair colours. Most of the time, it means bleaching the hair multiple times.

When you bleach your hair, it is best to wait a couple of days before bleaching again. You should also check the condition of your hair before bleaching. If you hair seem brittle and damaged, it is best to avoid bleach all-together until your hair has repaired itself.

For darker hair colours, it is also best to use a toner. Since darker hair colours have a lot of red pigment, it is much harder to get your hair light blonde to platinum blonde without brass tones. It is essential to get rid of these brass tones before attempting grey hair or grey hair highlights.

What Are The Best Products For Grey Hair?
The best grey hair dye can be found by looking at your own hair requirements as well as reviews from others. There are also grey hair products for men and women, so it is recommended to choose the appropriate hair dye.

There are also different shades you can consider such as blonde grey hair and ombre grey hair. If a full head of silver hair proves difficult for you, then some alternatives could be easier to obtain. For some, it requires gradually lightening the hair before that ultimate grey look can be achieved.

Evidently, you can buy boxed grey hair dye. But remember, your hair should be as light as possible before you use the grey boxed dye. If you apply this dye on darker hair colour, it will not come out as you want it to.

Head to our blog to see our top products for Silver and Ash Grey Hair.

How Do You Style Grey Hair?
There are many hairstyles that do beautiful grey hair colour justice. A short bob cut with dark roots provides that mysterious look. If you want something a bit more playful, you can also choose a lovely wavy style.

Waves and a straightened bob are easy styles to maintain, especially if you have the right tools and accessories for the job. A decent curling wand and hair straightener should certainly be in your arsenal. It is also a good idea to keep colour depositing shampoo and some toner around, as this can give a quick fix for a dull grey colour without having to dye your hair again.

The best thing about styling grey hair is that darker roots actually work marvellously well. If you have a light blonde hair colour on the other hand, you will have to keep those roots maintained. Lighter brown hair colours will have to be maintained as well. You can find special root treatment for grey hair, but some may need to be bleached again to get the same shade.