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All About e-Gift Vouchers

What can a Hairhouse gift voucher be used for?
Your hair gift voucher can be redeemed online or instore to purchase anything from the extensive range of leading brand professional hair care and skin care products, hair styling tools or even salon, piercing or beauty services.

Some of our luxurious hair care products and styling tools come in boxed gift packs, so the lucky recipient of your hair salon gift voucher can choose a beautiful gift for themselves. Of course they can also elect to spend it on any item they wish, from everyday hair products to skincare items and salon services.

What are the delivery details of the gift card?
After purchasing Hairhouse gift vouchers online the e-Gift Card will be emailed to the recipient with your personalised message.

They can then redeem the hair salon gift voucher online using the specified promo code, or instore at a salon. To do this they will need to either print the hair gift voucher complete with the promo code or display the confirmation email referencing the promo code.

How much money to put on a gift voucher?
You can purchase Hairhouse gift vouchers online in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $200 and $250.

This is a fabulous way to give someone dear to your heart – guys or girls - the opportunity to buy the exact hair dryer or hair straightener they want. Maybe they’re a fan of piercings or perhaps they need a salon blow dry for a special occasion. A gift card may simply give them the means to finally buy the leading brand hair or skin products they’ve been wanting to try.

Why buy a Hairhouse gift voucher?
Keep a Hairhouse gift card in mind when shopping for upcoming special occasions – Christmas, birthdays, even anniversaries – or perhaps for a new mum to pop in and pamper herself with some lovely products or a salon service.

Everybody needs hair products, and hairdressing services, including guys! A hair salon gift voucher is a fantastic present for the hard-to-buy-for bloke. Check out our Gifts For Him page to see the things your guy might enjoy shopping for with his gift card.

We all know teens LOVE to shop, so a hair gift voucher is the ideal present for Miss or Master Teen. There are so many hair products perfect for teens at Hairhouse! Check out a few of the products we think they’ll love spending their gift voucher on here.

Really, a hair gift voucher ranging between $25 and $250 is a great gift for anyone.