Wylera Hair delivers perfect curls with ease! A wireless hair curler that makes on-the-go styling a breeze, the compact size, and USB charging port features of Wylera Hair Dreamwave add to the many benefits of this stand-out styler!

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All About Wylera

Hair curling is simple with Wylera Hair. Revolutionary in its completely cordless design, the ergonomic, lightweight model and rechargeable battery takes the stress out of styling your hair. The additional benefits of ionic ceramic technology and adjustable settings create fuss-free, perfect curls in minutes – without harming your hair -wherever you may be.

What is the Wylera Dreamwave Hair Curler?
The Wylera Hair Dreamwave offers a hair revolution when it comes to the ease and accessibility of styling. This automatic hair curler works by rolling sections of your hair up into an ionic ceramic barrel at the press of a button. Here the hair is gently heated and released into perfectly defined curls, tight spirals, soft beach kinks, or smooth waves.

Whatever your curl desire, Wylera gives you a world of control when creating them. Use the adjustable settings and display screen to guide the temperature that works for you, and use the curl direction settings feature to create perfect curls for shaping your face every time.

The Dreamwave curler is so easy to use you can manage it single-handedly, making it ideal for styling beginners or girls on the go who don’t feel confident using traditional curling irons and straighteners .

The best thing? The Dreamwave curler is cordless and features a universal USB port for charging, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Plug it into your car or laptop and get gorgeously glamourous curls in minutes!

How do You Use a Wylera Hair Curler?
Wylera curlers are entirely safe and easy to use for both professionals and beginners. Thanks to the automatic design, there is no burn risk, and for additional user safety, the device shuts off after 10 minutes when not in use.

Want in on Wylera? Here’s how to use it!

1. Start by applying a heat protectant spray to hair and comb it through dry hair for even distribution. You can also add a curl enhancer or volumizer to create longer-lasting curls.

2. Hold down the power button until the screen lights up, and use the arrow buttons to scroll through the different settings until you find one that suits your needs.

3. Place a section of your hair inside the barrel, then press and hold the oval button until it beeps. For natural waves, try placing hair in the barrel at the middle section instead of near the scalp.

4. When the beeping stops and the barrel stops rolling, release the button. Leave your hair inside the barrel until you hear two beeps, then gently pull the device away from your hair. (Don’t fret! The Dreamwave curler uses unique tangle-free technology, so you never need to worry about knots!)

5. Repeat these steps with the rest of your hair.

6. Finish off with hairspray to lock your style in place, and you're ready to go.

How Do You Charge the Wylera Hair Curler?
To charge the Wylera curler, plug it into any USB port - including your laptop or even your car. Are you going on holiday? The Wylera hair curler is a travel styling tool essential you can pack and charge at any destination. Always make sure you charge the battery regularly to prolong its lifespan and never run out of style power!

With an innovative and easy-to-use wireless design, you can curl your hair anytime, anywhere with Wylera!

What is the Best Hair Curler to Buy?
The Wylera curler is one of the best automatic curlers you can buy to achieve dream curls at the touch of a button! Whether you need a Wylera curler for short hair, fine hair, thick hair, or long hair – Hairhouse have you covered with the range of fuss-free Wylera curling irons.

Shop the Dreamwave in elegant Gatsby Rose or classic Black Onyx depending on your mood, and plug it in like you would with your mobile phone. Voila! You’re already on your way to bouncy curls in under 10 minutes!

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