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Your hair care routine simply is not complete without a Twin Turbo Hair Dryer. A powerful and professional hair dryer makes all the difference to obtain a fizz free hairstyle! Transform your hair easier with Twin Turbo and ceramic ionic technology, providing the best in blow-drying.

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All About Twin Turbo

A powerful salon hair dryer by Twin Turbo is your secret weapon to a good hair day. With ceramic and ionic technology and adjustable controls at your fingertips, these Italian-made blow dryers work miracles to quickly dry, smooth and style your hair to perfection each time.

What are Twin Turbo Hair Products?
Twin Turbo make professional hair dryers that are trusted by salons and customers worldwide for their ability to powerfully dry hair in record time with customisable settings that allow you to dry and style your hair however you choose. Made in Italy by superstar brand, Parlux, Twin Turbo hair dryers are rigorously tested every step of the way to ensure the highest quality hair blowers possible that are able to deliver real results for any hair type.

Discover Twin Turbo at Hairhouse alongside a fantastic range of hair dryer accessories to make drying and styling you’re a breeze, including hair diffusers, hot air brushes, combs and hairbrushes creating waves, curls and flicks.

How do You Use Twin Turbo Hair Dryers?
Turbo Twin make the best blow dryers for quickly drying hair and styling it to salon standards. They are super easy to use, too!

You’ll find several adjustable controls on each hair dryer. Choose between 4 different heat settings designed for different hair types and needs. Thick, course hair will benefit from the higher temperatures while fine or damaged hair should be dried using the lower settings to prevent over-heating.

There are also 2 speed settings to choose from. The slow setting is ideal for when you are using the hair dryer with a comb or hot air styler as you will have more control over the hair as you style.

Which Twin Turbo Hair Dryer Should I Buy?
The best hair dryer for you will depend on your hair type and whether you just want to dry your hair or style it, too. One of the best hair dryers for curly hair is the Twin Turbo 3200 Ionic Hair Dryer. Hair dryers that use ionic technology uses negative ions to break down the water droplets on the hair, causing it to dry much faster. They are able to close the hair cuticles and seal in moisture, leaving hair looking smooth and polished. An ionic hair dryer can:

• Dry hair faster and reduce heat damage
• Prevent frizz
• Hydrate hair by sealing in moisture
• Leave hair feeling softer and healthier

When drying curly hair, make sure you attach a diffuser to add volume and maintain the integrity of your curls without crushing them. The 3200 also comes with customisable settings including 4 temperatures and 2 speeds so you can comfortably dry your hair your way. One of the best hair dryers for fine hair is the Twin Turbo 2800 hair dryer. This innovative hair dryer has 2 nozzles which you can use to add height while drying and styling. Like the 3200, it also comes with a built-in cold air button which can be used to set your hair once you’ve got your style sorted. With 1800 watts of power, this dryer is powerful while being lightweight and silent while using.

How do You Style Your Hair with a Hair Dryer?
Hair dryers are very versatile, and you can use them to create many different styles on any type of hair. If you want to master the art of the blow dry at home, follow these easy steps:

1. Start by spraying towel-dried hair with a heat protectant spray.
2. Take your Twin Turbo dryer and blow dry hair in sections. You can use a hair clip to help you dry one section at a time.
3. To add curls and waves, use a round brush to roll the hair away from the face while blow drying. When you get to the ends, roll back up and keep repeating this technique until the section is dry.
4. Repeat with all other sections. To add volume, lift the hair straight up with the brush while blow drying and pulling outwards.
5. When you’ve got the curls you want, set your dryer on cold air and blast quickly to hold them in place. You can use a hair spray to add extra hold and protection.

We’ve got the most innovative hair dryers for men and women at a hair dryer price to suit any budget. From the best blow dryer for curly hair to the best blow dryer to boost fine hair and add body and volume, shop our Twin Turbo range online with free delivery on orders over $50 or visit your nearest store for expert advice from our friendly team!