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Tangle Teezer

De-tangle & smooth hair painlessly with Tangle Teezer's innovative hairbrushes. Selling 20 every second around the world, the Tangle Teezer range has become an essential tool for everyday detangling.

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All About Tangle Teezer

What is a Tangle Teezer?
True, it could have been a tool for untangling fishing line but no, it's a world famous hair brush brand of course!

In 2003, a British hairdresser called Shaun came up with the idea to develop the first professional hair detangling tool, to be known as the Tangle Teezer. In creating the perfect hairbrush for detangling hair, Shaun had a pretty impressive industry background to draw on. His hairdressing career began in 1978 and his early hairdressing days included years working at Vidal Sassoon salons in London, New York, LA and Boston before spending time at Toni & Guy in Manchester.

The first Tangle Teezer hair brush known as The Original was launched in 2007 and stocked by Boots the Chemist followed by Toni & Guy before the rest of the world discovered it and an amazing 35,000 brushes made their way into salons and stores in the first twelve months.

Ten years later and Tangle Teezer had taken the world by storm and the company had launched their tenth brush, the Back-Combing Hairbrush. In the same year the company scooped four 2017 Beauty Awards, for their innovative hairbrush designs known as The Original, the Thick & Curly, The Ultimate and the Blow-Styling Round Tool.

Tangle Teezer found its niche as a detangling hair brush brand due to the innovative two-tiered flexible teeth design which detangles wet hair and dry hair with minimum fuss, breakage and damage.

Is Tangle Teezer good for hair?
While colour processing and heated styling accounts for a lot of damage to hair, mechanical breakage also rates highly. Trying to untangle wet hair, stretching and pulling hair with blow-drying brushes, even tugging poor quality brushes through dry hair can cause extensive breakage.

The Tangle Teezer has seen worldwide success because it detangles wet and dry hair with less damage. With designs for different hair types, Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrushes such as the Fine & Fragile have flexible teeth which are 30% softer even than The Original, designed to care for delicate or thin hair which breaks easily. The Fine & Fragile has been proven to give up to five times less breakage to fragile hair.

Research has resulted in a complete range of different Tangle Teezer designs, including the Wet Detangler with 325 unique, flexible teeth designed to tackle tangles and knots so that wet hair is detangled safely and quickly.

The Salon Elite is the detangling hair brush hairdressing professionals choose while the Thick & Curly is a great solution for those with coarse, unruly or hard-to-manage hair. Getting a handle on managing thick and curly hair is easy when you use the Thick & Curly brush to create fabulous hair.

Is the Tangle Teezer good for hair? Absolutely!

How to clean your Tangle Teezer
Remove any hair from the teeth of your Tangle Teezer and place it into a basin of warm, soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to gently brush between the teeth and remove any product build-up on the base of the brush. Rinse thoroughly, and leave the brush with bristles facing upwards to air dry. Easy!

Is the Tangle Teezer worth it?
Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrushes provide a very affordable way to care for your hair and reduce breakage and damage.

As a solution to the difficult task of detangling children's hair without tears and tantrums, the range of kids brushes with cool designs results in happy kids with neat and tidy hair! Check out the super cute Magic Flowerpot brushes developed with kids' little hands in mind and with a handy pot for keeping their clips and ties in! The easy-to-use kids brushes glide through the hair and gently works through any knots with extra flexible teeth. Dry hair is brushed smooth in no time at all!

Fuss-free mornings, happy kids and fabulous hair? Definitely worth it!

Which tangle teezer is the best?
The full range of Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrushes includes blow dry hair brushes and styling brushes too -they've thought of everything! For stronger hair with less breakage get yourself a set of Tangle Teezer hair brushes - one which detangles wet hair, another to detangle and style dry hair and get one to complete your set of blow styling tools too.

Tangle Teezers are designed to detangle and make hair smooth and beautiful while minimising breakage, so there isn't one 'best' Tangle Teezer - they all serve a purpose.

Blow styling tools can cause heat damage to hair, so utilising a Tangle Teezer to detangle wet hair and using a Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Smoothing Tool or a Blow Styling Round Tool is a great way to ensure hair isn't further damaged when brushing out tangles or styling wet hair. They come in full or half sizes and slide cleanly through the hair with no pulling or dragging while removing frizz to create shiny, fabulous hair. The round brushes give great lift from the roots and leave the hair voluminous, shiny and bouncy.

There is a handy take-it-anywhere Tangle Teezer brush to put the perfect finishing touches on your hairstyle anytime, if you have the handbag-friendly Compact Styler in a range of gorgeous colours and prints. It's the best brush to have in your bag, for sure!

Guys don't miss out on the Tangle Teezer experience - the Men's Compact Groomer detangles guys hair too and defines the look.

If your hair is feeling flat and needs to be pumped up a little, the best brush for the job is the Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush. This volumizing brush will add oomph, height, texture, shine and endless volume with minimal breakage.

Creating the perfect finish to your hairdo, the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush dry-styles and dresses the hair. The technology behind the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush is all about creating perfect updos, and volume with sleek texture to natural hair.

Tangle Teezers are definitely the best brushes to detangle, blow dry and dry style your hair safely and with minimal breakage and damage. These compact stylers come in a huge range of cool colours and designs with cute styles for the kids too!