Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is an Australian owned company bringing professional quality hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons, hot brushes, hot rollers, trimmers and clippers to the market. Huge demand surrounds these incredible styling tools that use the latest technologies and innovative features to cater to a wide variety of hair types, lengths, and styles.

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All About Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet hair styling tools offer professional results without stepping into a salon. This much-loved Australian-owned brand expertly designs styling tools to suit every type of hair, texture, and length. Combining innovative design, versatility, and affordability, the extensive range of Silver Bullet hair straighteners, hair curlers, blow dryers, clippers, and trimmers, hot brushes, and rollers help you conquer any hairstyle in half the time with zero fuss.

Which Silver Bullet Straightener Is The Best?

From straight manes to mermaid waves and beach-tousled curls, Silver Bullet hair straightener is the holy grail of perfectly styled, frizz-free hair. Using the latest technological advancements and easy-to-use features - from accelerated micro-chips for lightning-fast heating to ionic ceramic plates for extra shine and surround heat for longer-lasting curls - now you can\ get salon-worthy hair at home with Silver Bullet!

What is the best Silver Bullet hair straightener for you? Whatever your hair type, texture and length, there is a styler to suit:

What Is Your Hair Texture? If you have thick hair that’s difficult to straighten and curl, a wide plate hair straightener is the best hair straightener for your needs. A straightener with wide plates can hold more hair and heat in one go and requires fewer strokes, reducing your risk of hair damage.

For short or finer hair, a narrow plate hair straightener is the best option as it will distribute less heat to smaller sections of hair, effectively preventing overheating.

What Plate Material Is Best? Hair straightener plates made of different materials suit different needs. A ceramic straightener is a safe and affordable choice for most hair types. It delivers even and consistent heat and allows hair to glide effortlessly through the hair, leaving it looking smooth and glossy. Titanium plates are another popular choice as they heat up very quickly and provide even heat at high settings, making them an excellent option for those with thick or curly hair.

Many of the Silver Bullet hair straighteners also feature a floating plate design which helps you apply the correct pressure to each section of hair to prevent damaged hair shafts and split ends.

What Temperature Settings Work For you? Getting the right temperature is key to getting a glossy style and preserving the long-term health of your hair. Silver Bullet hair straighteners come with variable heat settings from 130 degrees to 230 degrees so you can easily control the heat on your locks. A straightener with infrared heat properties, such as the Silver Bullet Attitude range, also helps distribute heat gently for smooth, shiny hair.

Remember to always use a heat protectant product on your hair before applying any hot styling tools to it!

Are You Planning to Travel? A smaller, lightweight hair straightener with narrow plates is for you! The Silver Bullet Mini Straightener and hairdryer are the perfect size to fit into luggage and transport anywhere. Plus, Silver Bullet hair straighteners have dual voltage, making them compatible with international plug adaptors.

What Works For Your Lifestyle? Styling convenience comes in the shape of a straightening brush! These ceramic-plate beauties straighten the hair in minutes and offer adjustable temperature and a high-quality brush head. Add easy volume and create super straight, sleek hair that’s always soft to the touch.

How To Curl Hair With A Silver Bullet Hair Straightener?

You don’t need a hair curler to get gorgeous! A hair straightener can be just as effective in giving you those dreamy flicks, waves, and twists. The popular Silver Bullet Keratin 230 hair straighteners come with an accelerated micro-chip designed to heat up fast and give you flawless curls every time. Follow these steps to get the look you want quickly:

1. Apply a heat protectant spray or cream

2. Glide a Silver Bullet hairbrush through your hair to remove any knots, tangles, and frizz

3. Divide hair up into sections of around 2cm.

4. Take the first section, place the straightener at the root of your hair, and then flip it upside down.

5. Hold the end of the section and slowly run the straightener down the length.

6. Release the section, twist it slightly to encourage the curl to form, then let cool.

7. Repeat with all other sections

Remember, the slower you run the straightener through your hair, the tighter the curl will be. For messy, just-woke-up waves, pass the straightener through each hair section once without letting it rest on any one area for too long.

How To Use A Silver Bullet Curler?

The Hairhouse premium range of Silver Bullet Fastlane Curling Irons makes it easy to get the curls you want, from soft waves to corkscrew spirals. The incredible Fastlane Rotating Curling Iron uses a rotating ceramic barrel to give you an endless variety of even curls at the press of a button for ease and convenience. The conical Titanium Curler heats up super-fast to create curls that retain their shine and moisture, while Silver Bullet ceramic barrel curlers smooth hair cuticles for long-lasting bouncy waves.

Whichever Silver Bullet curler you’ve got on hand, follow these easy steps to get gorgeously twisted tresses:

1. Spritz hair with a heat protectant spray

2. Divide your hair into sections and comb free of knots and tangles

3. Take your Silver Bullet Curling Wand and wrap a section of hair around the barrel, holding it for around 8-12 seconds

4. Get loose waves by rolling more hair or achieve tighter curls by using less hair

5. Unwind the section of hair to remove it from the curler

6. Allow curls to cool before running a comb or brush through them, so they retain their shape.

7. Apply a good setting spray like these from ghd, Goldwell, and Redken

Where To Buy Silver Bullet Hair Products?

Hairhouse stocks Silver Bullet online or in-store. It’s never been easier to create incredible hair looks with our extensive range of styling tools and treatments! Our Silver Bullet hairdryer range dries hair super-fast, adding astonishing volume and shine along the way. To save time, why not use the Silver Bullet hot airbrush that can get your hair dried fast while you’re styling it?

Shop a vast range of hair colouring products, shampoos and conditioners, mousses, waxes, detanglers, volumizers, and serums to complement your Silver Bullet styler. Online or in-store, Hairhouse has your Silver Bullet solution ready!