Revlon encourages women to express themselves boldly with passion, optimism, strength, and style. Each product, from nail polish to lipstick, offers a high-quality, fashion-forward addition to your everyday beauty routine, without the huge price tag.

All About Revlon

Revlon Professional provides women with the hair tools they need to be their most stylish and empowered self. From Revlon hair care and hair colours to hair treatments and styling essentials – this brand embraces inclusivity, creativity and performance to celebrate and transform every hair type.

What are Revlon Hair Products?
Since the 1930s, Revlon has stood at the forefront of women’s hair and beauty. Their extensive range of salon-quality products are made for both professional hairdressers and women at home who want to take control of their hair and live their boldest and most unapologetic life with hair to match their unique personality.

Our Revlon Pro collection consists of high-performing Revlon hair care products designed to give professional results at home with the incredible multi-benefit UniqOne range of hair treatments and Revlon colour crèmes for vibrant and healthy coloured hair. We also have innovative styling tools to dry hair, add volume, and rock any kind of style you want!

What Revlon Hair Products Should I Buy?
Whether you want to change up your hair colour, control frizz, or add a silky shine, we’ve got a Revlon hair product for you. Check out our buying guide to discover a new favourite:

Revlon hair treatments – When it comes to an all-in-one miracle worker, you can’t go past the Revlon UniqOne range of hair treatments. These leave-in spray masks combine 10 benefits into each bottle; they repair dry and damaged hair, tame frizz, provide heat protection, create a silky smooth texture, detangle, protect and enhance colour, prevent split-ends, hold hairstyles in place, add body and make brushing and straightening your hair a breeze. Try Revlon UniqOne Coconut Hair Treatment for a creamy, tropical scent, or go for UniqOne Lotus Hair Treatment for a soft, floral fragrance.

Revlon hair colour – Invite some colour into your life with a Revlon hair dye! The Nutri Colour Crème 300 is a temporary hair dye that enhances golden tones and highlights. It’s infused with AHA fruit acids and B5 to nourish your locks while colouring and will last up to 5 washes. 

Revlon styling tools – The revolutionary Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser cuts down on styling time by combining drying and volumising into one easy step. Designed with an oval shape, the curved sides can be used to smooth and detangle while the round edges lift hair during drying to create gorgeous volume and glamourous curls for a salon-worthy blowout you can get at home.

How do You Use Revlon Hair Products?
With Revlon, it’s super easy to get professional results without having to visit the salon! If your hair is dry and damaged, the UniqOne line of hair treatments can be incorporated into your hair care routine to repair, replenish and revitalise your locks back to optimal health.

To use the Revlon Coconut hair treatment or Lotus hair treatment, simply follow these steps:

For wet hair -

1.    Spray onto damp hair, holding the bottle 20cm from the head
2.    Use a comb or hairbrush to detangle any knots and run the product evenly through the hair
3.    Style your hair as usual by blow drying, straightening, curling or air drying
4.    Finish with a hairspray to lock your style into place

For dry hair –

1.    Spray your chosen hair treatment into the palm of your hand and rub together
2.    Apply the product to your hair from the mid-lengths down to the ends
3.    Use a straightener or blow dryer to refresh your style if needed
4.    Set everything in place with a finishing spray

You can also use the UniqOne Original Supermask for intense conditioning, strengthening, and softening. Like the spray bottles, this beauty offers 10 amazing benefits for any hair type, but it’s specially formulated to rescue dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. To use, follow these steps:

1.    Scoop a small amount into your palm and rub together
2.    Apply to damp hair from mid-length to ends
3.    Leave in for 3 minutes
4.    Rinse thoroughly and blow dry or air dry

What are the Benefits of Using Revlon Hair Products?
Revlon UniqOne hair treatments are packed with the kind of ingredients needed to rescue dry and stressed hair and maintain long-term hair health. With an impressive 10 benefits crammed into one product, they’re a super-fast and fuss-free way to get your hair into professional shape at home.

They can help to:
•    Repair dry and damaged hair
•    Strengthen hair to reduce breakage
•    Condition and detangle knots
•    Smooth frizz and flyaways
•    Replenish moisture instantly
•    Protect against heat damage
•    Enhance shine and protect colour
•    Improve manageability and softness
•    Prevent split ends 
•    Refresh and hold hairstyles

You can discover these benefits for yourself when you shop our great range of Revlon salon hair colour, hair treatments and styling tools for every woman. Shop online and receive free shipping on orders over $50 or come in to your nearest Hairhouse and let our friendly hair experts assist you!