Made in Italy, Parlux professional hair dryers are an expert favourite in salons around the world. Renowned for its continual product innovation, Parlux is a brand that brings international-standard salon-style to every Australian.

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All About Parlux

Parlux is the proud manufacturers of professional-level hair dryers that combine the latest technological advancements with excellent, sleek, ergonomic design. Made in Italy, this chic range of hairdryers adds an element of European luxury to the everyday.

Which Parlux hairdryer is the best?

All Parlux hairdryers are professional standard, delivering the very best blow-drying results for you at home. With something for everyone, Parlux hairdryers are powerful, lightweight, and low noise.

Here are just some of the most popular Parlux choices!

1. Parlux Alyon Air Ioniser Ceramic and Ionic Dryer:
These innovative ionic dryers pump out an incredible 2250 watts of power, making them a great choice to care for hair during the heat styling process. The powerful technology makes for quick drying time and less moisture loss from hair. Lightweight and easy to handle with an anti-heating front body, the Parlux Aylon comes in various colours. Designed with salon use in mind, they prove an incredibly durable choice. Add the Advanced & Alyon Diffuser for extra anti-frizz benefits.

2. Parlux Advance Light Ceramic and Ionic:
Fancy Light Fuchsia? Or maybe Light Ice Blue is more your colour? This hairdryer is available in a variety of shades to suit you! The K-Advance motor means hair dries quickly and efficiently, and the lightweight design lends itself to improved balance and control. The instant cold shot button finishes off the perfect blow-dry in a flash!

3. Parlux 3800:
Eco-Friendly Ceramic and Ionic is the hairdryer for those looking for a conscious choice. Made from recyclable components, biodegradable packaging, and free of any toxic materials, it also includes a silencer and four temperature settings. The 3800 Eco-Friendly Ceramic and Ionic 2100wW Hair Dryer Diffuser combination are perfect for soft curls or waves.

4. Parlux 385 Powerlight Ceramic and ionic:
The Parlux 385 hairdryer is a popular choice thanks to its silencer and lightweight 480g. Super quiet, it also includes two concentrator nozzles for direct airflow. Like all Parlux hairdryers, it is powered with ionic and ceramic technology to keep your hair healthy.

5. Parlux 3200:
More compact and lightweight than other Parlux models, this one still packs a punch with ceramic and ionic technology, dual temperature settings, and ergonomic design.

All Parlux hairdryers use the most innovative technology and come in a range of gorgeous colours.

Parlux also has many diffusers to go with their professional hair dryers, complete with a silencer.

Several Parlux hairdryers come with two nozzles to assist in styling. The wider nozzle dries hair faster, whereas the narrower nozzle allows for more concentrated air, making it perfect for styling a fringe or lifting those roots to add body.

Are Parlux hairdryers good?

Indeed, Parlux hairdryers are some of the best globally, with Parlux one of the first companies to embrace cutting-edge ceramic and ionic technology.

This technology means that these hair dryers are capable of fast-drying because we all know that less time spent drying your hair is convenient and reduces the risk of damage. Although Parlux takes all precautions to be kind to the hair, a heat protectant is always essential for the best results.

Parlux technology also eliminates static electricity from hair and dries the hair from the inside out, so its external layers do not lose moisture. Hair remains smooth and healthy, even if you blow-dry regularly.

Are Parlux hairdryers worth it?
Yes! Parlux hairdryers are a wise investment because healthy hair and speedy styling results are genuinely priceless!

What are the differences among Parlux hairdryers?

All Parlux hairdryers are of exceptional quality and will give you a fantastic blow-dry.

Some of the Parlux hairdryers come in lightweight options, which are perfect for travel. We love the Parlux 3500 Super Compact style when we hit the road.

For long-lasting, powerful hairdryer capabilities, the Aylon range has an incredible lifespan of 3,000 hours.

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