Napoleon Perdis

The Napoleon Perdis brand continues to break ground in the beauty scene, making elevated cosmetic formulations and fashion-forward make-up shades accessible to everyone. High-tech twists and ancient beauty secrets at every turn, Napoleon Perdis redefines beauty essentials in today's beauty industry.

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All About Napoleon Perdis

The heartbeat of Napoleon Perdis is one inspired by fashion-forward cosmetic trends, and scene-stealing statement looks. Groundbreaking since day one, high-tech formulations meet deep, rich pigments within a brand that brings the best of beauty to everybody.

Is Napoleon Perdis Cruelty-Free?
The Napoleon Perdis beauty brand is rich in colour, textures, trends, and cruelty-free formulations. Not yet vegan, it's only a matter of time before Napoleon Perdis makeup manufacturers make this move, making it an even kinder cosmetic choice. For now, you can indulge in your favourites, including Napoleon Perdis Foundation, confident that no animal testing occurs during development.

With an increasingly conscious consumer searching for cosmetics created with kindness in mind, all makeup and beauty products within the Napoleon Perdis beauty brand are cruelty-free.

Is Napoleon Perdis Vegan?
Napoleon Perdis Australia is cruelty-free but does not use solely vegan ingredients. As vegan ingredients are becoming more popular and attainable in the manufacture of beauty products, Napoleon Perdis's future is sure to be a vegan one! Sure to be welcome news to the many makeup artists across the globe who can't get enough of the brand!

Who Owns Napoleon Perdis?
The first Napoleon Perdis store was established in 1995, flush with the latest cosmetics, skincare, and beauty tools. Napoleon Perdis and his wife retained creative control of the brand before leaving the company in 2019. Today, the iconic brand is owned by Livia Wang and Henry Lee. The company continues to enjoy success with several stores set to reopen in Australia, and expansion into the USA and China also predicted.

Where Is Napoleon Perdis Made?
Napoleon Perdis continues to be manufactured in Australia and boasts 30 stores and over 350 stockists across the country. Utilising various innovative ingredients, each product contains an ingredient tab online, which you can click to learn more about. When you buy Napoleon Perdis from Hairhouse, you can rest assured it is of the highest quality, ensuring our customers are forever stylish and using only the very best products.

What Are The Best Napoleon Perdis Makeup Products?
Napoleon Perdis is one of the preferred brands of makeup artists, so all products are created to focus on ease of use and cosmetic quality.

1. Napoleon Perdis Primer: A must-have for that flawless complexion, the AutoPilot Calming Skin Primer is particularly popular as it is suitable for people with sensitive skin, reducing redness and skin impurities. It is also intensely hydrating and offers all-day protection.

2. Napoleon Perdis Foundation Stick: Another must-have, alongside Napoleon Perdis Concealer, skin colours are matched perfectly with this must-have. Categorised into three colour families, from light to medium and through to dark tones, they also contain SPF 20 protection!

3. Napoleon Perdis Lipstick: Another iconic product to add the final touch to any look, the Mattetastic range is always on-trend, long-lasting, and exquisitely elegant.

4. Napoleon Perdis Blush, Brush Stick, and Eyeshadow also prove incredibly popular within the range.

Excellent results and value for money, combined with fashion-focused shades and on-trend textures, make all the products in the Napoleon Perdis range genuinely worth trying!

Where Can You Buy Napoleon Perdis?
Your nearest Hairhouse location is home to Napoleon Perdis, offering the best prices and latest product ranges.