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L'Oréal Professionnel

L'Oréal Professionnel has been providing hairdressers with the most innovative products, tested and approved by the greatest names in hairdressing for over a century. Spotted at the most prominent fashion shows and working hand-in-hand with some of the most talented backstage hairdressers and major salons.

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All About L'Oréal Professionnel

Who hasn't heard of L'Oreal? Most people have, but they may not know that this French company was founded in 1909, that they are the world's largest cosmetics company (source: Wikipedia) and that they are a leading hair care brand worldwide.

Sold exclusively in hair salons, the L'Oreal Professional range of innovative hair care, hair styling and hair colour products are used by salon experts all over the world. They are a popular choice for leading fashion stylists to use in high-end fashions shows and photos shoots everywhere.

So, what can L'Oreal Professional hair products do for your crowning glory? Well, if your hair is dry, damaged, oily, normal, straight, curly, thin, thick, frizzy, colour-treated, chemically straightened - or anything else - there is a L'Oreal Professional hair care product at your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse salon which will keep your hair in tip top condition.

This diverse product range has everything you need to cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair, it's just a matter of finding the right products for your specific hair type.

Are L'Oreal Professional shampoos good?
It is easy to target and resolve your particular hair problem using a L'Oreal Professional shampoo. Their hair care collections are formulated to tackle a range of issues such as breakage, dryness, extreme damage, unmanageability, and the consequences of colour treatments. L'Oreal Professional shampoos replenish and revitalize your hair while gently cleansing without stripping your hair of natural oils.

Take the Serie Expert Inforcer Shampoo for example. Infused with vitamin B6 and Biotin, the Serie Expert Inforcer shampoo is a strengthening, anti-breakage shampoo with will restore your hair and fortify it against further breakage. This beautiful hair care collection includes a conditioner, detangling leave-in spray, and a mask for periodic treatments. Used in combination with each other, damaged, broken hair becomes stronger, less prone to breakage and will regain a smooth, lustrous appearance.

The Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Shampoo is also part of a range which is designed to deeply nourish and repair severely damaged and weakened hair. Using the innovative lipidium complex it will reconstruct, smooth and protect the hair structure's structure from the core to the cuticle, and from the roots to the tips. Targeting the various levels of damage within the hair fibre, the Absolut Repair system is ideal for hair damaged by chemical processing, colouring, or heated styling.

If your hair tends to be thick and unruly you will love the Mythic Oil shampoo for its ability to provide smooth, shiny control to any hair type. Infused with popular Argan oil which is a rich source of nourishing vitamin E, and myrrh extract known for its healing and repairing properties, Mythic Oil shampoo will gently cleanse while nurturing and providing shine to thick, unruly hair.

If your hair is colour treated, the L'Oreal Vitamino Colour A-OX Shampoo is a special formulation which will detangle, smooth and add shine to colour treated hair while protecting your colour from fading.

Where to buy Loreal Professional hair products?
You can purchase your favourite L'Oreal Professional hair products online or from your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse salon. If you are unsure where your closest Hairhouse Warehouse salon might be, enter your suburb or postcode into the handy store locator here.

Although there is a growing network of over 130 Hairhouse Warehouse stores right across the country, there may not be one in your neighbourhood. In that case take advantage of our super-easy online shopping facility to buy your favourite product today. Orders over $50 include free shipping once you have opened your account. You can even receive a 10% deduction off your first purchase when shopping with Hairhouse Warehouse!

What are the side effects of using L'Oreal hair colour?
Some ingredients in hair colour products can cause mild skin sensitivities or allergic reactions in a small number of people. Always follow the directions on your L'Oreal hair colour product and discontinue use if itching or irritation occurs.

Will L'Oreal Professional hair styling products make my hair manageable?
If they can help with the ever-changing style requirements of catwalk models, they can certainly manage your hair.

Let's start with the guys. The Homme Mat is a sculpting pomade with a matte finish. It provides a flexible texture with a light hold. The Homme Sculpte is an easy to work with sculpting fibre paste with a creamy texture to add moisture. It provides a natural looking shine and shapes the hair with a flexible hold which increases the more product you use.

Guys may also like the Tecni-Art Deconstructing Definition Paste and the Tecni-Art Density Material for revitalizing and increasing volume to fine or thinning hair, while providing a strong hold.

Now girls, you have a little more choice to tame your hair and make it behave. Actually, a LOT more choice. In the L'Oreal Tecni-Art collection you can choose your method of controlling your hair from a texturizing powder, hair spray, sculpting paste, sculpting gel, gel cream with protection from humidity, dry shampoo, styling spray, blow-dry lotion AND a spray mousse volumizer. Wow - those are all part of just ONE collection of fabulous L'Oreal hair styling products found at Hairhouse Warehouse!

If you need to tame unruly curls try the Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender cream/gel duo. This luscious cream will protect your curls from frizz-causing humidity while creating curls with bouncy, smooth, soft definition.

In the L'Oreal Professional range you will also find blow-dry creams, serums, and gel creams for the ultimate in manageable, healthy hair that says boom, boom, va-va-voom!

Will hair oils make my hair feel greasy?
When you use hair oils sparingly their lightweight formulation will penetrate dry hair adding moisture and nourishment to the hair and scalp without weighing it down with an oily finish.

Hair oils are versatile products, more easily absorbed than creams. Here are some ways you can use a small amount of lightweight oil in your hair without making your hair look or feel greasy:
1. Apply to dry hair for added shine and smoothness.
2. Use once a week as a treatment on wet hair with a heated towel.
3. Add to damp hair before blow-drying for added shine and silkiness.
4. Use a little oil on dry hair to tame frizz and flyaways.
5. Use it on the ends only to protect against dry, split ends.
6. Finish your hair style with a little oil for added shine, smoothness and frizz control.
As long as you don't overdo the application, hair oils will do nothing but good for your hair and won't leave your hair greasy or oily.

Do L'Oreal Professional have products to repair my damaged hair?
Hands up if you don't have damaged hair. If your hand is up, you're certainly doing something right! Most of us torture our hair on a daily basis, either using colouring processes, heated styling tools like blow dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons - even heated rollers can damage our hair. Chemical relaxants can damage our hair, as can mechanical processes such as combing or brushing wet hair and tying it up. In summer our hair suffers from exposure to damaging UV rays, chlorine and salt water. No wonder we need products to repair damaged hair!

If we're talking seriously damaged hair that is begging for repair, the Absolut Repair Lipidium Trio is the most cost-effective way to deliver emergency surgery to your hair. These three products team up to reconstruct and transform damaged hair from the inside. Hair is cleansed, conditioned, fortified, hydrated and regains its natural vitality after use of this enriching system. Of course it is cheaper to buy the products in a bundled package than individually too. The Absolut Repair Lipidium range is enhanced with lipids, ceramides, phyto-keratin and lactic acid to rebuild, protect and reduce the signs of damaged hair.

While we are helping our hair in many ways by using conditioner, using hair masques are a way of getting the necessary nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair fibre so that hair is strengthened from the inside too. A regular application of the Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque will help to repair and protect damaged hair. Simply leave in for a minimum of five minutes once or twice a week for visible results.

Specifically formulated for colour treated hair, the Serie Expert Vitamino Color AOX Masque protects coloured hair using an antioxidant known as Neohesperidin to nourish the hair and improve shine.

Use L'Oreal Professional products for damaged hair regularly to see visible results immediately and improved resiliency over time.