Keratherapy uses exclusive Kerabond Technology in hair treatments, providing superior moisture and nourishment. Hair products from Keratherapy are effective at treating frizzy hair and improving the manageability of hair. Turn your locks from drab to fab with Keratherapy moisture shampoo or Fibre Hair Thickener!

All About Keratherapy

Keratherapy use their unique Kerabond Technology to quickly and easily tame frizzy hair and defy humidity in any environment for months at a time. Their salon-professional range of keratin treatments strengthen and smooth hair with a complex formulation of botanicals and nutrients, making them the go-to brand for touchably soft, healthy and manageable locks for any hair type.

What is Keratherapy?
All Keratherapy products are infused with exclusive Kerabond Technology, a delivery system that bonds pure keratin into a formula of amino acids, botanicals and nutrients so that it can be delivered directly to where it is needed the most. This process enhances the power of keratin and allows it to penetrate deeper than the outer cuticle into the hair shaft where it can then heal damaged hair follicles from the inside out. The result is smoother and stronger hair with improved elasticity that’s wonderfully frizz-free, shiny and healthy.

Hairhouse make it easy for you to buy Keratherapy in Australia. We have a great selection of their keratin products for hair, from Keratherapy shampoo and conditioner to root concealers and smoothing creams. Check out some of our favourites:

• The Keratherapy Moisture Shampoo and matching Keratherapy conditioner is a great combination for hair that’s dry and crying out for hydration. It gently cleanses and removes product build-up while keratin and natural ingredients are used to lock in moisture for frizz-free, glossy hair. If you have coloured hair, the Keratherapy Colour Protect Shampoo is specially formulated to protect your colour and extend its lifespan while thoroughly cleaning and protecting against UV damage that can contribute to colour fading.

• Banish grey roots with the Keratherapy Root Concealer. These beauties are available in different shades, including Auburn, Blonde and Black, and work to effectively conceal grey hair and boost colour vibrancy in between salon visits. The keratin is used to manage flyaways and keep colour-treated hair strong and nourished to prevent breakage.

• The Keratherapy Fiber Hair Thickener works wonders for men and women who have thinning or balding hair. It works instantly to erase bald or thin patches, blending seamlessly into your hair strands and making them appear fuller, thicker and healthier.

• To control frizz while blow drying, use a Keratherapy smoothing treatment. The Keratherapy Keratin-Infused Daily Smoothing Cream is a top choice styling cream that is heat-activated and seals cuticles when styling. It also doubles as a heat protectant and reduces your blow drying time – win-win!

Is Keratherapy Good for Your Hair?
Keratherapy products utilise the power of keratin which is known for having a fantastic smoothing effect on hair. Keratin is a protein that you can find in hair, skin and nails, as well as in some internal organs. It’s considered to be the structural building block of hair, so it makes sense that infusing your locks with more keratin will make it healthier and stronger. Keratin works by smoothing down the cuticles where it is then absorbed into the follicle to make it more flexible and glossy.

If you’re a little hesitant about trying keratin-infused hair products, why not check out some Keratherapy reviews? Many Keratherapy treatment reviews rave about the effect that keratin has had on their hair, claiming it is smoother than ever and much more manageable than it was before. Frizz is now a thing of the past!

You can also find a ton of other nourishing ingredients in Kerabond shampoos, conditioners and treatments. The Keratherapy Deep Conditioning Masque is formulated with Jojoba, Walnut and Chestnut Oil to deliver intense hydration to dry and damaged locks, while the Keratherapy Leave-In Conditioner uses Jojoba Oil, Arginine Amino Acids, Panthenol and Wheat Germ Oil to soften, moisturise and enrich hair to prevent split ends.

Can You Wash Your Hair After Keratherapy? When you use a Keratherapy treatment or any other keratin treatment, it’s recommended to not wash your hair or style it for at least 48 hours. When shampooing and conditioning, use products that are free from harsh chemicals, such as our Keratherapy ones which are sulfate and sodium chloride-free.

Using Keratherapy is quick and easy. Their leave-in conditioner can be sprayed onto damp or dry hair, then styled as usual. The Daily Smoothing Cream can be applied with your hands to towel-dried hair before blow-drying to activate it. You can follow up with a hair straightener or curler. To use the Deep Conditioning Masque, apply generously to wet hair from root to tip after shampooing. Use a comb to distribute it evenly. Wait 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.

The Keratherapy grey root concealer has a simple spray-on application that lasts until you next wash your hair. To use it, follow these easy steps:

1. Start with dry hair
2. Shake your chosen Keratherapy spray colour well and steadily spray onto grey roots, holding the can 15-25cm away from the hair.
3. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes

Is Keratherapy Sulfate-Free? Yes, Keratherapy shampoos contain zero sulphates and are sodium chloride-free which makes them great for all hair types. The Color Protect Shampoo is also gluten-free. You will find formaldehyde in Keratherapy treatments; however, they are all safely regulated and compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Three treatments are completely formaldehyde-free.

You can shop our fantastic Keratherapy range online today and receive free delivery when you spend over $50 Australia-wide. If you want to know more about how keratin can transform your hair, pop into your nearest Hairhouse and our friendly team will be happy to help you out!