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Hi Lift are true innovators in professional wax products, styling tools, hair treatments, and hair bleach. For decades, their bestselling Hi Lift professional wax heaters have made waxing a breeze at home, bringing salon-quality results, safe, easy to use, and affordable at-home products to bathrooms worldwide!

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All About Hi Lift

Say hiya to Hi Lift—a leading Italian hair care brand best-loved for its line-up of professional wax products, styling tools, hair treatments and hair bleach developed to lift and lighten any hair colour. Blending quality formulas with easy application, Hi Lift brings salon-quality results to the comfort of your home at an affordable price.

What is Hi Lift?
Hi Lift guarantees that maintaining beautiful hair at home is fast and fuss-free. Their professional products range from bleach powders, peroxides and bleaching accessories to body waxes, wax heaters, shampoos and conditioners, hair treatments and styling tools, including rollers and straighteners.

The secret to Hi Lift’s success lies in their salon-quality formulas. Each product is specially created with high-performing ingredients and boasts the same strength as those used by professionals in salons. The beauty is that anyone can use Hi Lift products to achieve stunning results in their own homes.

There’s a Hi Lift product for everyone at Hairhouse:
·      We have professional-grade Hi Lift peroxide for colouring and toning hair with a creamy consistency to gently lift pigment and deliver long-lasting shades. Available in ranging strengths, including Hi Lift Peroxide 40 vol 12% and Hi Lift Peroxide 20 vol 6%.

·      Bulk up thinning and fine hair with Hi Lift Hair Building Fibres. These root touch up kits distribute colour-matched fibres to areas of thinning hair for a fuller and more dense appearance. The results are instant, and the fibres resist sweat, wind and rain for a natural result that lasts all day. If grey roots are your problem, conceal them effortlessly with Hi Lift Grey Root Concealer in five shades: blonde, black, light blonde, light brown, and medium to dark brown.

·      If you have blonde or grey hair, you’ll love Hi Lift True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo. The Hi Lift True Blonde Shampoo eliminates yellow and brassy tones from light hair. Plus, it’s vegan, sulphate-free and paraben-free, which makes it perfect for colour-treated hair.

·      To keep your skin smooth and silky at home, try out the Hi Lift range of salon wax products. Choose from hard wax and wax strips, as well as wax pots for melting wax safely and evenly.

How do you use Hi Lift?
Hi Lift makes it incredibly easy for anyone to lighten and bleach their hair at home. Their extensive colouring solutions range from Hi Lift Peroxide to powder bleach and zero lift peroxides with intermixed permanent colour for toning and demi to semi results.

To determine the correct Hi Lift bleach ratio required for your needs, always read the Hi Lift peroxide instructions included with your specific product. A typical ratio is 1 part bleach powder to 2 parts developer. Browse our Hi Lift bleaching accessories to simplify the process, including Hi Lift hairbrush, comb, cape, bowl and alligator clips.

Is Hi Lift bleach good?
Hi Lift is respected worldwide for its salon-strength formulas that make getting professional results at home easy and affordable. Don’t believe us? Hi Lift bleach reviews are raving with happy customers boasting about the stunning results achieved using Hi Lift crème peroxide for hair and Hi Lift bleach powder, including Hi Lift violet bleach and Hi Lift blue bleach.

It’s important to know how to take care of your hair after bleaching to ensure it doesn’t become dry and damaged.
A great way to reduce bleaching’s effect on your hair is to use Hi Lift Cureplex. This revolutionary line of products protects your hair from damage caused by colour treatments. It creates new hair bonds while strengthening the internal structure of existing hair strands for healthier and softer hair. The best part is it can be mixed directly into your colour and bleach treatments or used alone as a conditioning treatment for damaged hair.

Another great option is the Hi Lift 1 Minute Deep Repair Treatment with shea butter and coconut extracts to repair, smooth, nourish and protect hair from damage.

If you’re using Hi Lift peroxide crèmes, use the Hi Lift True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain beautiful blonde and lightened hair with no yellow tones or brassiness.

Where can I shop Hi Lift?
Head in-store for Team Hairhouse to help you with any questions. You can use our Store Locator to find a location near you.

Or shop Hi Lift online at Hairhouse for easy checkout and free delivery on orders over $50. When you make your first online purchase, you’ll relieve a 10% discount as a welcome treat.