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Whatever your colour, Fanola has the care. From fan favourite 'No Yellow Shampoo' through to masks and conditioners, Fanola is the perfect fail-free way to perfect for finessing any shade.

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All About Fanola

Where to buy Fanola No Yellow Shampoo?
Here at Hairhouse we stock a great range of the hugely popular Fanola products including the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. This blonde toning shampoo is formulated to take away those annoying brassy-yellow tones which occur over time in bleached, grey, lightened or de-coloured hair. It uses strong violet pigments to neutralise warm tones and it is available from Hairhouse salons and the online store in 350ml and one litre bottles.

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Each Hairhouse salon has a huge range of hair and beauty products and hair tools to choose from. Arrange that much-needed trim, a refreshing colour or a professional blow-dry from the qualified hairdressing staff while you are there and make Hairhouse your true one-stop shopping experience!

If there isn't a Hairhouse salon handy to your location, it is super quick and easy to purchase your Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and other products online from Hairhouse. Your first order will receive a 10% discount and orders over $50 are shipped promptly for free!

How to use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo?
It's very simple. Fanola's blonde toning shampoo will tone down the warmth in your hair using strong violet pigments, so it is a good idea to wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands. Don't be alarmed by the vivid purple colour when you first use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - it is the cool violet pigments which neutralise warm brassy tones your hair, and the violet colour does wash out - unless you leave the shampoo in your hair for longer than recommended!

Apply by wetting your hair thoroughly then massage the blonde toning shampoo right through to the ends of your hair. As Fanola No Yellow shampoo is an effective toner for de-coloured hair it is best to leave it in your hair for just one minute during your first use. Rinse it out and repeat if necessary. You can lather it in and leave it on for up to five minutes once a week or every couple of weeks as needed, for a noticeable reduction in those trashy yellow tones.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is applied directly to wet hair, but it can also be mixed in with your normal shampoo if you wish. This may dilute its effectiveness however. Pair the No Yellow Shampoo with the Fanola No Yellow Mask to counteract any dryness and to replenish for soft and silky hair which is smooth and manageable, with no unsightly yellow tones.

Can you use Fanola No Yellow on dry hair?
The No Yellow Shampoo and No Yellow Mask are suitable for use on all hair types, including dry, normal or oily. That said, it is an effective blonde toning shampoo for removing unwanted yellow or brassy tones in bleached, lightened and de-coloured hair - which is commonly dry, not oily, due to peroxide use. So the answer is yes, you can definitely use Fanola No Yellow on dry hair.

If increased dryness does result from using blonde toning shampoo, applying masks, deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners will counter any dryness. Fanola products are designed to be used together, to create hair with cool, fresh colour and plenty of shiny good health.
Blonde toning shampoo will also remove unattractive brassiness from naturally grey hair which can also be prone to dryness and can contain unattractive warm tones, where you might prefer cool, ashy shades. No Yellow Shampoo gives grey, blonde and de-coloured hair a boost, neutralising yellow reflections and creating fresh, cool highlights.
Follow the instructions on your Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, noting that it should be applied to wet hair, lathered in and left for the required amount of time before rinsing out thoroughly. It is not a 'dry shampoo' and so it is not designed to absorb excess scalp oil, which means No Yellow Shampoo should always be used on clean, towel-dried hair.

Is there a Fanola shampoo for dark hair?
Don't worry, the Fanola team haven't forgotten about brunettes! If you are naturally dark but have highlighted hair, or you have dyed your dark hair using a cool, darker shade, the Fanola No Orange Shampoo will neutralise the warm copper tones and those undesirable hints of orange that develop in dark hair which has been coloured, as well as in highlighted hair.

While the No Yellow Shampoo is a blonde toning shampoo containing violet pigments to neutralise warm gold and yellow tones, the No Orange Shampoo is formulated using a special blue pigment which is more suited to reducing undesired warm orange, copper or red hues. The No Orange Shampoo is ideally suited to dark brown, dark blonde and highlighted hair but is also perfect for creating a cooler look in grey or fair hair.
The No Orange Shampoo should be paired with the No Orange Mask which will add conditioning nutrients for soft and shiny hair. Both products are available in 350ml or 1 litre bottles from Hairhouse.

Can I buy Fanola products in packages?
Yes, you certainly can. Using the No Yellow Shampoo and Mask on your de-coloured hair or the No Orange Shampoo and Mask on your highlighted hair is a great way to refresh your colour, putting vibrancy and cool, uplifting tones back into your hair. This prolongs the life of your colour which means less salon visits and more savings in your pocket!

You can also make fabulous savings by buying your Fanola products in duo packages. At Hairhouse you can purchase the Fanola No Yellow Duo Pack or the Fanola No Orange Duo Pack consisting of 350ml bottles of the shampoo and the mask, for just $44.95 which represents excellent value.
Whether you have de-coloured hair, dark hair you've dyed darker, or even streaked or highlighted hair - Fanola shampoos and masks can prolong the life of your colour, freshening the look and giving it a much-needed boost when brassy yellow or orange tones begin to appear.