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EVY Professional infuse their hot styling tools with advanced mineral technology to hydrate and condition hair while creating any gorgeous style you want. Get salon results with straighteners, dryers, curlers and more that use negative ions and infrared energy to maintain optimal hair health.

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All About Evy Professional

EVY Professional are the makers of salon-quality hair tools created by stylists for stylists. Former hair stylist and salon owner, Tracey Bazzano-Lauretta, launched EVY Professional after searching for the perfect hair styling tool that didn’t dry out hair with regular use. Built on decades of experience, these hair tools use advanced Mineral Infused Technology to enhance the styling experience and care for your hair like never before. Each product is blended with 32 minerals to generate negative ions and far-infrared energy that break down water molecules for superior absorption into the hair follicles. The result is pure hydration from the inside out for shiny and healthy hair even when used daily. Discover their range of straighteners, curlers, blow dryers, and more for home and professional use at Hairhouse!

What is EVY Professional?
EVY Professional is an Australian brand that offers a stunning range of salon-quality tools designed by stylists for stylists. Unlike other hot styling tools that can dry out and damage your hair with regular use, these products have been expertly designed to infuse your hair with intense hydration each time you use them so that hair stays healthy, hydrated, and lustrous.

The secret to these hair tools lies in their advanced technology that uses post volcanic minerals sourced from a remote region in Japan where locals are renowned for their beautiful skin and hair. While other hair styling tools only use 1-2 minerals in each product, EVY Professional use an amazing 32 minerals in each product that work to micronize water particles so that they can be more completely absorbed into the hair follicles for ultimate hydration and strength with every use.

Hairhouse are an official stockist of EVY Professional in Australia. You can buy EVY Professional products online, from their curlers to their straighteners and blow dryers, with free delivery when you spend over $50!

What does the EVY Professional Product Range Include?
This brand can take you from smooth and straight to curls and beach waves in an instant. Check out some of our most popular EVY Professional products available now at Hairhouse:

• EVY Professional Hair Straightener – Discover the range of iQ-ONEGLIDE straightening irons that straighten and style while hydrating and moisturising hair. Standouts include the EVY Professional iQ-ONEGLIDE 1 Iron with 1-inch plates and the 1.5-inch version with a 3-strip plate design infused with 24-carat gold for a smoother glide and digital temperature control up to 210 degrees Celsius.

• EVY Professional Hair Dryer – The Infusalite Dryer is super lightweight and comes with 3 heat and fan settings and 2 different nozzles for styling.

• EVY Professional Hair Curler – The E-Curl Pro creates healthy curls with long-lasting volume. It comes with 5 interchangeable barrels for the ultimate styling session and is infused with the same mineral technology for boosting hydration and shine.

• EVY Professional Restyle Hot Brush – This must-have hot brush lets you restyle your blow wave for salon-worthy results all day. Made with heat-resistant nylon bristles, you can also straighten, curl, wave, and smooth hair in just minutes!

• EVY Professional E-Smooth – The e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair is a range of organic hair treatments designed to smooth, soften, and pamper any hair type.

How do You Choose the Right EVY Professional Hair Tools?
The best way to determine what EVY Professional hair tool is right for you is to consider what you want to do with your hair. As these hair tools are infused with mineral technology, they are suitable for all hair types – in fact, hair that is dry and damaged will actually benefit from the hydration that is added into the plates.

If you have curly hair and want straight locks, the iQ-ONEGLIDE is ideal for this. It’s also a top choice for those who love to switch between straight and wavy hairstyles. For tighter or bouncier curls, the E-Curl Pro will create voluminous curls and the 5 barrels will let you choose the exact type of curl you want.

For the ultimate blow wave, the Restyle Hot Brush will recreate salon results at home. It’s designed for use on dry hair and is perfect if you want to touch up a blow wave or if you want to straighten, curl or wave hair quickly.

How do You use the EVY Professional iQ-ONEGLIDE?
The EVY Professional One Glide straightening iron is made to be simple to use at home and in salons. Follow these simple steps to straighten your hair with the iQ-ONEGLIDE –

1. Start by combing your hair to remove any tangles and apply a heat protectant spray.
2. Divide hair into small sections.
3. Hold the hair taut, place the iron near the roots and slowly glide it down to the ends.
4. For added volume, curve the straightener up first before gliding it down to the ends.
5. Straighten each section until the entire head is completed. You can set your style in place with hairspray or prevent frizz with an anti-frizz product, such as Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum.

What are the Best Types of Hair Tools to Use?
Hot hair tools are hugely popular in many hair styling routines. From cascading beach waves to tight curls and silky, straight manes, these products allow you to create hair that suits your hair type and your mood.

The problem with lesser quality hair electrical tools is that they often use inferior technology which can risk damaging, drying out, or even burning your hair. They are also typically equipped with minimal features which make it difficult for you to get the results you want.

Always go for salon-quality hair tools to maintain the health of your hair. These products use innovative technology that is designed to care for your hair, such as negative ions and infrared energy for hydrating and repairing hair, as well as ceramic or gold plates for smoothing and moisturising. They also offer extensive features and heat settings that allow you to control the temperature and exactly how your hair turns out.

Shop salon-quality hair tools today with EVY Professional at Hairhouse. Buy online with free delivery Australia-wide on orders over $50 or pop in to your nearest store and let our friendly team show you how to transform your style with these must-have products!