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Curious Grace brings the bang back to styling with a range of brushes and tools that cater to any hair concern. Tease, style, heat, dry, diffuse, curl, or straighten with a brand that offers a vibrant approach to your individual styling needs.

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All About Curious Grace

What can you find in the curious grace range?
If hair styling is an important part of your routine, then the Curious Grace range from Hairhouse has what you need. Whether you're after a simple hair brush or something more specific like a teasing brush or a thermal styling brush, we have a full range for you to choose from. If you're looking for a hair dryer, a diffuser attachment, a hair curler, a three-in-one curl stick or a heated hair straightener, this range is perfect.

Specific tools in the Curious Grace range include the Titanium hair iron (in either pink or black), a sophisticated straightener with one inch flexible plates and many other heated styling tool options.

The Curious Grace hairbrush collection includes the Ball Pin Bristle Brush (in small, medium and large sizes), the Boar Ceramic Round Brush (small, medium, large and extra large), the Boar Nylon Round Brush (small, medium, large and extra large), the Classic Crystal Brush and the Ceramic Concave Tube Brush (extra small, small, medium large and extra large). Paddle brushes, loop brushes and tube brushes are all available too.

Are curious grace hair straighteners any good?
The Curious Grace hair straighteners are excellent hair styling tools. They have three heat settings to choose from and they are a lightweight tool which makes it super easy to create stunning hairstyles in minutes.

The Curious Grace hair straighteners come with universal voltage meaning that you can travel with them all over the world and be assured that they can handle the varying voltages that may flow from international electricity supplies. Of course, you still need an adaptor, but it's comforting to know that your straightener can handle anything. The straighteners also come with a one year warranty. Any problems, all you have to do is show your receipt and organise a return.

There are two types of Curious Grace Hair straightener available through Hairhouse. The titanium iron and the standard straightener. This product is superior to many others on the market, for function and style.

Are curious grace hair dryers worth buying?
Curious Grace hair dryers are excellent value for money. For under $100 you can have a professional quality hair dryer that is perfect for everyday use. Use either the varied heat settings or engage the cooling button for styling your hair. Like the Curious Grace hair straighteners, these hair dryers come in either pink or black. You can also buy the diffuser attachment for the hair dryer.

Having salon quality hair styling tools at home makes doing your hair such a pleasure. It's always worth investing in professional standard electricals because you know you can trust them to protect and style your hair properly. There's nothing worse than having a hairdryer that's too hot or one which doesn't have a cooling option. The Curious Grace hair dryers are an essential addition to your home styling collection.

Where to buy curious grace products?
Curious Grace products and hair accessories are available all year round at Hairhouse stores. To find the store nearest to you, use the search function at the top left of this page. Type in your postcode and the program will show you where your closest stores are. Simply go in to one of our stores and let our friendly professionals advise you on your purchase.

If you prefer to order online you can do so through our easy check out service. Search for the Curious Grace brand in our online store and you'll have the whole range at your fingertips.

Hairhouse accepts credit cards and also offers AfterPay and ZipPay to enable our customers to purchase the products they need for their hair.

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