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American Crew is the leading Barber and salon brand created specifically for men and the stylists they trust. With a nod to tradition, American Crew brings men's grooming and style into the next century with a range of products that offer him the options he deserves every day.

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All About American Crew

American Crew has been a leader in men’s hair, body, and shaving products for over 25 years. American Crew, trusted by salons worldwide, continues to seamlessly merge tradition, flexibility, style, and convenience in a broad range of grooming essentials to suit the modern man.

What Is American Crew?
American Crew is an extensive range of hairstyling and grooming products specifically formulated for men's needs. Drawing on the latest formulas and ingredients, American Crew provides the modern man with all their grooming options to keep them looking and feeling great at any age.

A go-to brand for professional barbers and stylists across the globe, American Crew is also ideal for men who want to take control of their appearance in the comfort of their own home. Hairhouse makes it easy for you with our vast selection of American Crew men’s grooming products available online or in-store.

With a curated collection of hair products, shampoo, and conditioner, styling products - including molding clay, forming cream, gels, waxes, and creams for him – American Crew has all the grooming must-haves for any guy.

You can also shop shave oils, foams, creams, and gels, as well as toners, beard balm, and body wash to keep you smelling great all day long!

What Are The Best American Crew Products?
There is an American Crew product to suit your needs! American Crew is revered for its devotion to men's grooming and has thought of all the styling products a guy could ask for. Today, you can enjoy confidence and comfort in your grooming choices with a brand that understands the modern man wants excellent quality, ease of use, and fast, effective results!

American Crew Shampoo
Hairhouse stocks all the best American Crew have to offer in men's hair care products. Let’s start with the American Crew shampoo range, shall we?

o First, the American Crew Daily Shampoo is a mild, plant-based solution that keeps hair clean, soft, and moisturised every day.

o For those looking to bulk up thinning hair, the Fortifying Shampoo will remove build-up and nourish your scalp.

o If dandruff is an issue for you, the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with sebum control will soothe scalps and get itching and flaking under control.

o We’ve even got grey shampoo for older gentlemen that use violet pigments to neutralise brassiness and yellow tones from grey hair and keep it looking its best.

American Crew Styling Products
o The options are endless for styling hair also! The famous American Crew Fiber paste has a stronghold with a low shine that makes creating the perfect shape easy.

o Try the American Crew Forming Cream with lanolin and glycerin for a medium soft hold that looks fuller and thicker.

o If a clay formulation is more your thing, the American Crew Matte Clay encourages buildable definition and texture while still maintaining softness.

o For the ultimate in slick hairdos, try the American Crew Pomade range. From heavy-hold pomade with high shine to medium hold with super shine and natural with low shine – you’ll have everything you need to create an effortlessly stylish look that suits you.

o American Crew also lets you perfect your grooming practice with quality products packed with antioxidants. The American Crew Beard Serum will keep beards soft and moisturised, while our shaving gels, creams, and oils will help to soothe skin after shaving and leave it soft and hydrated.

o Our innovative 3-in-1 time-saver shampoo, conditioner, and body wash combination come in one handy bottle to keep you fresh from head to toe!

o Style your hair to extraordinary heights with our American Crew Boost Powder, pomades, fibre creams, and foams, defining pastes, and grooming sprays.

o American Crew also has some fantastic moisturising shaving creams, refreshing oils, protective foams, and revitalising toners to make shaving and skincare a breeze.

How Do You Apply American Crew Fiber?
The American Crew Fiber Paste is a fantastic styling product that helps you create the hairstyle of your choice with ease. Containing lanolin and beeswax, this product conditions and protects hair while delivering a strong, pliable hold and low shine. To get started using this miracle worker, follow these easy steps:

1. Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly with a blow dryer or leave it slightly damp.

2. Scoop up a small amount of product and gently rub it between your palms and fingers.

3. Work the product through your hair, back to front, then follow with the sides.

4. Try experimenting with different styles! The fibrous texture helps to thicken hair and add volume, so keep working it until you get the look you want.

How Do You Use American Crew Forming Cream?
The American Crew Forming Cream is perfect for any hair type. It has a pliable, medium-hold look with a bit of healthy shine. The lanolin and glycerin in it swell the hair shafts and make them appear full and thick. And it’s super easy to use! Just follow these steps:

1. Either dry your clean hair or apply the cream on damp hair.

2. Scoop a small amount of cream into your palms.

3. Rub between fingers and work through hair, styling it as desired.

Top Tip: You can also use a comb or brush to help manipulate the hair.

Where To Buy American Crew Products?
Hairhouse has got the best range of American Crew in Australia! Browse and shop our vast range of men's American Crew styling and grooming products online today, or pop into your local Hairhouse and get advice from a friendly professional!