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8 Awesome Healthy Hair Products!

You cleanse your complexion, crunch your abs and floss your teeth to flawless perfection.

But how well are you looking after your hair? Healthy hair doesn't just happen. It comes with consistent habits, excellent hair care, daily supplements, and even miracle products that work after dark!

Here are our pick of the products you need to promote healthy hair.

Trico Lab Good Hair Vitamins are what the experts and hair stylists reach for every morning to ensure their hair is full of life and health. Each of the seven ingredients within Good Hair Vitamins directly and positively impact the health of your hair. In vitamin form, nutrients can target your hair directly, giving it the support it needs before hair damage and hair loss take hold.

Deliver some extra TLC to your scalp with Pure Walnut Pre-Shampoo Scrub. Gently exfoliating, this vegan treatment is used before shampooing to remove dead skin cells from the scalp and promote robust, healthy hair growth. This deep cleanser stimulates hair follicles and helps prevent hair loss in the long run. Add this step to your shower time for a boost in your healthy hair care plan.

Fortify weakened strands and say farewell to hair loss with Kérastase Genesis Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment. Delivering the ultimate combination of ingredients, including Edelweiss native cells and Ginger roots, the Kerastase Genesis Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment takes healthy hair seriously and leaves no strand unturned when it comes to protecting you from future hair loss.

Your beauty cabinet may be packed with all the hair care you could want, but if you don't protect your hair during heat styling, you are sure to see hair damage any day. De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish protects hair from heat of up to 240°C! Always have this incredible hair care product close by when you are using hot tools. You won't regret it. And neither will your healthy head of super-styled hair!

Hairhouse Scalp Stimulating Therapy Brush delivers next-level cleansing to your scalp, with each stroke magically reducing stress, increasing circulation in the area, and providing instant relaxation! The ergonomically-shaped hand-held design and tapered bristles make it easy to use yourself or on the one you love. Use it in the shower, at your desk, or wherever you desire!

The Hairhouse Black Turban Towel is ideal for reducing damage to damp hair. With excessive manual towel drying or heat drying with a hot tool known to agitate and damage hair, this towel effortlessly minimizes that risk. Wrap damp hair within the turban to cut down drying time and combat frizz. Or get an extra day from your blow-dry by using this around the house.

Extend your daily healthy hair routine well into the night with Shu Uemura Midnight Serum! Inspired by Japanese Geisha – who would soak their combs in natural camellia oil overnight to imbibe hair with shine and smoothness the next day - this product works with the body's sleep cycle to heal hair damage overnight. It is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making it a no-brainer at bedtime.

Slumber never felt so chic! The Shhh Silk Pillowcase is made of luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high-grade silk to ensure crease-free skin and hairstyles for the long-haul! Dreams are sweeter, and styles have staying power with this must-have healthy hair-promoting pillowcase!