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Hair Removal

Say no to unwanted hair with the best hair removal products from Hairhouse! Facial hair removal products include hair removal creams and wax strips, tackling hairy upper lips and also bikini lines and legs. Hair removal creams and wax strips are great for underarm hair removal, with some brands made for sensitive skin.

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All About Hair Removal

Wax On, Hair Off
Hair removal is part of everyday life for most of us. There are many methods of hair removal ranging from short term temporary to long term permanent. Pop into a salon and they'll come up with a dizzying number of ways to get your skin silky smooth.

But while you can spend a fair bit in a salon on something like laser hair removal, at home you can use wax, depilatory creams or even a trusty (but not rusty!) disposable razor for minimal cost.

The most popular hair removal method falls somewhere between laser and razor, if you are brave enough to bear it. What is it? Waxing, of course!

Where to buy wax pots

At Hairhouse Warehouse we stock the Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pots which warm all types of wax. These professional wax heaters each come with dual pots, either two 1 litre pots or one 500ml pot and one 1 litre pot, depending on your needs. The inserts for both wax pots are removable and both feature independent power switches, lights and temperature controls. The Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot is a super space-saving compact design.

How to use a wax machine for hair removal

The Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot will warm all types of wax, such as soft or hard wax. Turn on the wax pot and place either hard or soft wax beads into the pot before turning the temperature up to high. Once the beads are melted lower the temperature and wait until the wax is still warm, but cool enough to touch. The wax is then ready to use.

What is the best wax pot to buy

The Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot offers the flexibility of two different sized inserts and individual controls along with independent lights to indicate which pot is heated. While there are a variety of wax pots available for easy, effective hair removal, the compact size of the Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot makes it a great choice for both home or salon use.

What type of wax is used for hair removal

There are different types of wax, some of which vary depending on the method of hair removal used. The two most common are hard and soft wax.

Hard wax is generally used for hair removal in smaller areas such as the top lip, eyebrows, bikini line and underarms.

Soft wax, also known as strip wax, is the most widely used form of wax and is commonly used on larger areas requiring hair removal, such as the legs. Soft wax is applied in the same way as hard wax, but a strip of fabric such as muslin is applied and used to rip the wax off.

How to use a razor for hair removal

If waxing doesn't appeal to you, try using a razor. Wet shaving with a razor is best done in the shower with the aid of a shaving gel or bodywash gel to aid the slide of the razor and to show you where you've already shaved. Lather up and let that blade glide lightly along your skin. Rinse well and moisturise your skin afterwards.

At Hairhouse Warehouse we sell the cute and funky SPHYNX Women's Portable Razor in a selection of gorgeous colours. It is an easily replaceable razor with a pre-shave bar which is laden with moisturisers such as shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturise your skin WHILE you shave.

So many ways for you to show off silky smooth, hairless skin this summer!